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Is YOLO a drug?

My son keeps using this term and i'm worried that it is a drug. i love my son and i just want to be sure that he's not exposed/taking it.


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Yes it is! It is a pink powder and they snort it through their butt with a straw. It makes them want to play xbox all day and have a bad attitude and always eating, like its never enough. You need to take him to a Dr and tell them your sons on YOLO and you are deeply concerned. I hope you get the help you need!

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 You’re an idiot
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 Oh my goodness people, OP is obviously a troll nobody is that stupid! Kids don't even say yolo anymore 😂. And I'm sure if my child was wandering around saying a random word that i thought might be related to drugs i would google it and get my answer in seconds compared to finding a site and asking a question which would take much longer compared to a quick google and not be anywhere near as informative. I was joking with the joker!
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Oh yes. Because people who use drugs always go around saying ‘meth’ ‘pot’ ‘coke’.