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Townhouse renting - moving my boyfriend in

I’m a single mum and currently live in a three bedroom townhouse with my three kids. I want to know if I move my boyfriend and his kid in with me, so do I have to add him to the lease? and what is the maximum occupation for a three bed two bathroom townhouse?


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Read your lease.

AND make sure you are bloody sure about this bloke because once his name is on the lease you are jeopardising your and your childrens home.

NEVER move a man into your house when you are a single parent, if the relationship is solid and you are CERTAIN its worth a shot, you and your partner should look for a house together that will suit you all.

Considering what you have said in the question, i feel this is not a very well thought out idea on your part, RED FLAGS all over your question, its hard to merge families in the best of situations, merging families in a house thats too small for everyone and belonged to one family first is a baaaaaaddddd idea.

Good luck with it all.

My property manager friend gave me this advice that I followed in WA. She said just call. The property manager and let them know, that you would like him to move in but aren’t sure at this point how permanent it will be and what they would like, eg be honest. My agent then said, absolutely no problem , we won’t add him to the lease at this time(he will fall under something), but when we renew your lease we will get you to fill a form for him if he is still there. This was a big agency and the owner lives behind us, so I feel confident in this advice. A year later we added him.

 With the occupancy, it more depends with the age of the kids, if they are young they don’t care but generally there aren’t any(also told to me by an agent when I once inspected a townhouse)
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 Thankyou for that. I’ve called the manager and she’s emailing me some forms to fill in. I’m so scared the owners will say no though.
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And if on single payments through Centrelink that'll have to stop

 We’d both be telling Centrelink for sure I’d never risk having to pay back a big debt.
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I would recommend either not moving him in or finding a larger home for all of you

 That’s our goal is to move into a bigger house together but just temporarily I was thinking to save money.
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 Sorry sis, I think it's a bad idea.
Much like most of the comments, just wait until you have a house to move into

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6 people in a townhouse. No way.

 I know. I’m just wondering legally and only be temporary.
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