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How often do you drink alcohol?

I was never much of a drinker but lately I've been feeling like I need to have one or two glasses of wine at night to relax. Do you think this is a lot? How much do you drink on average?


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None, been sober for nearly 4 years 😊 Used to be a few bottles of wine a night, and maybe 6 Jack and cokes....this is why Iv been sober for nearly four years!

 Congratulations 😊
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 Great hob
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I have one or two a night. πŸ‘πŸΈπŸ·πŸΉ

Maybe 2-3 drinks a month (some months though I would have none). Personally I think it is a problem if you 'need' it. Maybe try and find another way to relax or deal with stress. I have several family members that have drinking problems so I am very cautious and probably bias with my feelings towards alcohol.

Clearly not enough.

Maybe a few times a year I have small kids and don't feel comfortable with not being safe safe drive If needed.

Same as you-1 or 2 wines a night to relax.seems like a lot compared to the other responses!

 Me too
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 Me too but I'll have 1-2 nights a week without just to prove to myself I'm not an alcoholic πŸ˜‚
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I used to have at least 1 glass per night. I cut it out completely and have lost 5 kg! Just from cutting out alcohol

 Wish that worked for me, no such luck
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Last time I drank was new yrs and I got a little too tipsy so I'm sworn off it again lol. Before that was June 2014. Went out for a weekend with a girlfriend, got so drunk we couldn't even stand up, found out I was 6 weeks pregnant a week later when my "hangover" didn't go away. Oops.

I think every night is alot. I don't drink at all. My ex had a drinking problem so maybe that makes me bias

Quite honestly one or two drinks a year-total square here lol

I have 1 beer a night and a few over the weekend. I don't drink wine or heavy liquor. I am about to cut it back to 2 beers Saturday and 1 on Sundays. None during week.

I usually buy one bottle of wine every week and will have a couple of glasses say, Wednesday and Friday night when I'm in the mood/stressed. Then have a big one on a night out every couple of months.

I don't drink alcohol. My ex has a serious drinking problem so it really put me off. When he was drinking he used to try to get me to drink too but when he wasn't looking i would tip it into the pot plants. Never seen plants thrive so much.... Sadly he was always so wasted he never noticed or knew.

Before I was pregnant, if I opened a bottle of wine and had a glass with dinner, the next night we'd have another glass or two from that same bottle. So perhaps two glasses or three a week, but with dinner. In summer I'd share a cider with my husband after work but that'd be it.

 Just to add, since being pregnant I have zero alcohol.
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 I'm glad you added that point.
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 I wrote the answer and then went oh no! People will think I drink while I'm pregnant!! And I absolutely don't. So thought I'd better put that note in there quick smart.
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About 1 bottle of wine a month and I usually drink the 1 bottle over a whole weekend. I don't drink during the week and I never have more then 2 glasses over a meal so if I need to drive I can.