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birthday presents

Back story. i have 3 kids and my neighbour has 4. the kids all play and we have become friendly over the last 12 months.

so today we are out the front talking. my neighbour son's have their birthdays all about the same time so next weekend she is having a group party for the 3 of them. 5, 4, 1
she says this arvo while holding the one year old "You better get me a present" meaning from the one year old to my one year old and then goes on to say the oldest has been asking what is such and such getting me and she made a point of saying he has been asking what i am getting him.
I felt like turning around and saying well the same as what my kids have got this year from you. (my one year olds birthday was in Jan and my oldest in Feb and got nothing) Thats fine i have brought my kids up that when they have birthday parties its not about the presents although they are nice if you get them but having fun with your friends are more important... I just cant believe some people are that rude


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my evil side passive aggressive side would consider doing the crapy craft present that your kids can help you make a paper card with lots of glitter or any of those animal craft projects ...remember gifts from the heart are so special ...failing that a lovely book about manners for kids

Could always get them lollies? Tell them they are for the day after the party. Then the mum has to deal with the sugar high from their party and a sugar high the next day when they're all coming down from the last sugar high and cranky as hell.

 And craft gifts that have tonnes of glitter. Nothing says f**k you like sugar and glitter.
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The mum said that? How nice of her. My deepest ambition for those parents is to tell them to go jump but it makes it harder when all the kids are friends. In honestly just give a token present something small they should be grateful they get anything I would do something like coloring books for older 2 story book for 1 year old something small.

 Yeah I was shocked! I kinda have to keep the peace a little the kids are friends and we have to live next door after all...
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That is very rude and very ungrateful as well. Kids do ask this question, just out of excitement and curiosity I mostly answer with how having them there to celebrate with us is the present and anything else is a bonus and we should just be grateful for what we get. My first thought that comes to mind is are the family struggling. Could your present be all they really have to look forward to? I wouldn't punish the kids because their mother is rude.

 No they are all spoilt she just has bad manners
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Wow, get nothing, seriously!!! That is too many kids to start presents. It'll only mean expecting presents every year for every kid. Maybe offer to bring a plate of food instead.

That is extremely rude. It puts you in a tough situation too because they're your neighbours and the kids are friends.

On the other side though, just without jumping to conclusions, is it possible that your kids told them they are getting something extravagant or that they really want but their parents have got it for them? My old neighbours child told my child they were getting them a present I got them because he really wanted it. I didn't mention anything to their mum because I knew it wasn't happening but my child kept telling me that they were getting him this present. If she doesn't know and could think they're getting something expensive maybe it is her way of trying to say not to go overboard or put yourself out. Then again it would really be up to your judgement on how it was asked and what she is like with those sorts of things.

 Na, it didn't come across like that lol she's straight up so it was basically telling me to buy them a present lol
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 Then buy a cheap crappy toy.
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 No get a noisy toy, one that plays terrible music over and over again!
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 Recorders and hand drums for all of them
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Don't get one unless you were already going to. Ignore it.