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My SO is 42 and circumcised. He said everyone his age from Melbourne is done. Is that right?

I’m from South Africa where everyone is, but thought SO was the odd one out here.


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My experience is from guys born in the 80s, and they were all cut too. SO is done, but he was done just before we met. Glad he is, if you know what I mean.

I think it was pretty much all Aussie born boys at that time. I remember being told by my mum it was done because it was much cleaner and looked much better. Have to say I agree.

My husband is 36 and from Sydney. Maybe that why he's not done 🤣😘

Both husband and sons done. Much better.

 How so?
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 Much better than what?
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48yo and grew up in Melbourne and have a fair bit of experience, if you know what I mean. Every guy I've been with has been circumcised as far as I know. It started becoming a less popular thing to do later in the 1970s I believe. Partner is a couple of years younger and from Adelaide. He chose to be circumcised before we met because he said he'd never liked his foreskin. I'm so glad he did!

Lol. How did he actually gather this information? 😂 😂

Nearly everybody was who was born in the 70s. Brothers, boyfriends. Only ever came across one that wasn’t, and I heard he had it done later anyway because of the reaction it was getting.

Yes , obviously not “everyone” but, the majority yes.

Very common for that age. I have never seen one with. Makes me think of that scene from Bad Moms.

Growing up in Melbourne, we would make fun of the boys with hoodies. From personal experience I’d say well over half in that age group.

I'm no help my hubby is from cape town. But I know A lot of men I've seen in that age group are done but guess it was preference at the time for people