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Best scented candles

I love glasshouse candles but not the price 😩 .


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Glade vanilla at supermarket for like a few dollars! Amazing smell. I replaced all my myer & linen house ones with them. Glade actually lasts and wafts to other parts of the house. So lovely 😊

 I might even try them
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Have a look at “Red Lauren” candles. They are soy candles and have a timber wick and smell amazing. They also have the fragranced reeds. You can order them online.

Yankee Candles are amazing. But I can never find them where I live. Spotlight apparently has them (our store has f**k all in it). Same as some of the homeware stores (again though, ours never seem to have any). If you can find them, give them a go.

TK MAXX has the best range of branded, scented candles for affordable prices.

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Circa Home is made by glass house they are cheaper and come on sale more frequently