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Lemon, Lime and Bitters while pregnant

A friend of mine owns a pub, she told me you could have ten and still barely register 0.01% on a breathalyser.
I know it contains Angostura but apparently it is such minimal alcohol that you can drink it if you are under 18.
I don't have to drink alcohol, I just like the drink. I have been buying the supermarket ones and they have the Angostura in it, but you can buy it from the soft drink aisle.
We are going out for dinner tonight, the pub I assume only has the bar variety.
Any advice?


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I think if kids can legally drink it then pregnant women are all good too :) I had a baileys ice cream and my husband said you can't have that! And I said yeah I can if they sell it to kids then I'm sure I'm fine to eat it too lol (26weeks pregnant)

 Those kinds of icecreams are flavoured only. Next time show your husband the label and he will see there is no alcohol.
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Just drink it :)

OP I will, still a bit early though. Lol
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Your friend is right. The alcohol content is minimal and is further diluted by the liquid content. It would be impossible to get a alcohol content dangerous to a foetus by drinking lemon lime bitters.

OP Thank you so much
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Haha my friends and I would try to get drunk from it when we were teens. Trust me, it will have zero effect!!

A lemon, lime and bitters made at a pub has roughly 3-5 drops in it, the amount of liquid its mixed with dilutes it further. Wouldn't worry at all with this one :)