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Did you get spoiled yesterday?

I received 2 dozen long stem roses from inter flora and box of cherry liquor chocolates and a card with a spa voucher for $250


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Oh you lucky lady ❤️ enjoy your day at the spa.

We don't have money for spoiling each other at the moment, but hubby works half-day on Fridays so we got to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie before picking the kids up from school.

 Awwwww ❤❤❤❤❤
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 Love this :)
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No, but we don't really 'do' Valentine's day anymore. We had leftover pizza for dinner, and played PlayStation after the kids went to bed (like most nights). So we were happy anyway 🙂

I got covered in baby spew. That made me feel loved 😂😂😂

 ^😂😂😂😂 cute
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I got a lotto ticket.

 Hope you win
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 I didn’t even get two numbers on the same line 😞
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I received flowers. Happy with that.

 Woolies ??
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 ^ lol no. Why would you assume that? Delivered to my home from the florist.
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  Both of you above are arseholes.

Since when are WW flowers bad?

Shit. I'm happy my partner is healthy, alive and is who he is.

If he gave me flowers I'd love them no matter where they came from. We just prefer to buy fruit trees, veg seedlings or compost instead.
Then our little family spends beautiful time outside together.

Who cares? Just appreciate. Just be.

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I got flowers from that came from the servo 💐

 Servos have some beautiful arrangements 💕
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My husband surprised me with flowers Thursday night. We don’t really celebrate Valentines so it was a true surprise. Yesterday we spent driving our kids 4 hours to a weekend martial arts competition. We had a nice easy drive, talked about a lot of things and had a nice dinner out as a family when we got into town.

I have a beautiful newborn to love and cuddle.
That's more than spoiled ♥

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😢 My husband just grunted at me when I reminded him it was V day. I had planned on us both going out for dinner but didn't bother seeing as he doesn't care.

 Don’t feel alone. Mine doesn’t believe so didn’t even utter ‘happy valentines day’ to me let alone buy something or do something. It was literally another day in our house, while the rest of the world celebrates loving each other 😓
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No. We put that money towards holidays. We bond more travelling than flowers can ever do. We're off to Japan next month with the kids (providing the virus doesn't spread).
I mean no disrespect if you enjoy the day - we just have a slight travel obsession that clouds everything else!!

 You guys sound like us! We love to show our kids how amazing this world is. Japan is incredible- you'll love it 😍😍 have the best time xx
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 We travel
Hawaii next week for 6 weeks

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 Op of above comment here.... I wish you both lived near me.... I'd love friends like you! No one we know 'gets' it!!!
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 Same here!! We travel at least once a year and no one seems to understand why or they think we're "rich". We just like to see what our world has to offer. Haven't don't anything major yet as our children are still young so 10+ hours on a plane is a bit hard. About to spend a few weeks travelling Tassie. Then Vietnam! Can't wait.
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 Did Tassie last year. Was awesome. Not particularly looking forward to a 9 hour flight to Japan with kids but I can't wait any longer to go o/s again & it's apparently fantastic for kids.
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 How wonderful. We holidayed in Japan 3 years ago, it is an amazing place. We covered Tasmania last year. Travel is high on our priority list as well.
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Yep had no kids, 4 hours of sex. Amazing!
Then slept

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 4 hours? God, I’d be bored if it took that long. 15 minutes is all I need lol.
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 Oh thank God. I thought I was the only one who would be bored shitless with 4 hours of it. I'd take 5mins and use the other 3 hours and 55mins to sleep 😂
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