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Weight loss and pregnancy?

Anyone successfully lost weight/got fit while being pregnant?
Just wondering if it is possible to get fit while being pregnant?


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Of course it’s possible. Eat healthy, watch your portions and take moderate exercise.

Stop stuffing yourself

OP Stop being a bitch, I’ll stuff my mcdonalds if I want too :)
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I had gestational diabetes so had to count carbs - 45g breakfast, 15g snack, 45g lunch, 15g snack, 45g dinner, 15g snack.
I also walked daily and did a little swimming here and there to help stop my sugar levels going high and I had Bub and was 10kg lighter.

There would be no health risks to Bub following that/a similar diet and exercise plan.

It depends how you view pregnancy, I felt HORRIBLE the entire time, sick, tired, bloating, cramps, awful indigestion. So I ate what I felt like which I only felt like eating crap. I treated myself with desserts etc. but like someone has said, it’s not magic weight, it doesn’t all slide off once the baby is born. So no point over doing it.
I agree with people saying eat healthy and normal sized portions but if like me you couldn’t stand the site of food and the only thing somewhat tempting was maccas kfc red rooster or hungry jacks... then Goodluck 😬

I think it can happen, but it’s probably not best to do it intentionally. After 16 weeks or so with my 2nd, my weight stayed the same. The GP AND OB noticed and said that it’s ok as long as you aren’t losing weight. constant weight means that while you are loosing, the baby is gaining. I think this happened as I had a 3yo, my hubby was working away, I suffered from horrific indigestion so couldn’t eat anything past 6pm or I couldn’t sleep, and I was trying to co-ordinate an interstate move, and was super-busy and stressed. I barely noticed I was pregnant until our move Was complete. after bub was born, I was 10k lighter from before I fell pregnant.

I don’t think you should TRY and loose weight, just go for a healthy diet and smaller portions. Like normal.

I went in to me 2nd pregnancy at 94kg and the day after I gave birth I was 78kg. It is very possible to lose weight during pregnancy

I guess it's possible because sometimes you have to lose weight to have baby in an metropolitan hospital. For everyone's well-being I think smaller hospitals don't want you to be over 40bmi so you'd be encouraged to lose weight in that case and I'm sure your obstetrician would refer you to a dietitian, nutritionist, in this case

 In a non metropolitan hospital that should say
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I found that I lost weight in all my pregnancies. The reason being was that although I still ate a fair bit, I made sure it was healthier food and not the usual crap so I ended up losing weight. I didn’t have a car so continued to walk everywhere which also helped. There was no concern with my health or baby’s health at any point.

I’m not sure but I really hope it is possible. I need to lose weight as it is and the thought of me gaining even more weight terrifies and worries me