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Straight women: howwww do you do that?

Seriously, have you SEEN how pretty some women are? Do you really not feel attracted to other women? Like, not even a little bit? Whaaaaaat??
I get it, men are sexy as fuck. But I'm over here watching mardi gras and the ladies are on point!
I mean, there are times when I look at my husband and just wanna ride him into the next century. But, if I see an attractive girl, oh man. Basically, I am 100% sure I'm bisexual.
Is it. Do you just NOT find other women attractive at all? Or is it like "wow so pretty, like a sculpture or something"?


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Yeah it is kind of like admiring a sculpture, like wow look at those legs, or gee she has an amazingly perfect face. Its more admiring and just making observations to me. I have no sexual attraction to women at all.

Because the thought of licking or touching a vagina makes me gag. There is nothing that make me want to touch a female body sexually. No matter how beautiful.

I regularaly have thoughts of how pretty my mum, my sisters, my friends and daughters are. They are all actually incredibly beautiful/pretty/stunning women.

And for the sake of this thread I’ll forcus on the friends part, but no matter how pretty and beautiful my friends are they remain no different to family members as in my mind just would not go there in an attraction/sexual vibe.
It’s as plutonic as when I admire my children’s beauty.

I admire women for their beauty but nothing about them turns me on. But everything about my husband does. It’s thing s like the scent of a man physically turns me one where as a woman’s perfume is just nice smelling. That’s how I know I am not attracted to women but still find them beautiful .

Sorry just not into the ladies. I'd admire they're beauty absolutely. So i guess it is like admiring a beautiful piece of art or something. I have no desire to up in that. That part grosses me out. Barf.

Because it’s not my sexuality in the same way your are attracted to both. Or that a woman is only attracted to women I am only attracted to men.
It’s just my sexual orientation I am straight. And I’m not bi curious or bi. I’m whole hog straight.

Nothing about women want to make me have sex with them.
But the mere thought I penis and I get a little wet.
If I think of a vagina in a sexual way, I think mmm penis is my vagina.
The thought of sucking c**k makes me almost cum, the thought of licking a woman makes me actually physically scrunch up my face. I don’t even like my husband doing it to me most times.

That being said it’s worth noting I have a huge preference for very “manly” men.
Always have. And they all have a very naturally musky smell.
Also worth noting even lesbians mistake me for being gay all.the.time.

My sister in law is straight as a arrow. She just can't understand how I can peeve at women and I can't understand how she can't.

Yes I find women attractive but not sexual, as in I don't look at a woman and want to Chow down.

I don't consider myself someone who has a perve on anyone. But I probably look at both men and women equally and admire physical features in both. It's not really in a sexual way though

Well, I don’t feel sexual attraction to women because I’m heterosexual. It’ is what it is, you can’t help it or explain it. Same as your bisexuality.

I admire beautiful women and think some are sexy but I don’t have any fantasies involving them.