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Myer layby cancellation policy

Would anyone know please what the cancellation policy of a Myer layby is? Do you lose everything you have paid? Or just the service fee? The service fee is a hefty $12! But I am considering cancelling the layby and getting everything through Afterpay online. Thanks in advance for any info 😊


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Call Myer?!? 12 bucks is not hefty considering the effort to process it and having stock off the floor

I found this for you: NO DEPOSIT LAY-BY available in-store only
No Deposit lay-by on Toys until December 2016.
No deposit and non-refundable $12 service fee applies to each lay-by. Goods must be finalised and collected by Saturday 24th December 2016. Lay-by excludes Electrical items. Bonus products will be held and supplied at the time of collection.
Lay-by payments are to be made on the payment due date specified on the receipt and must be finalised by the expiry date.
No part of the Lay-by goods can be separated and collected by the customer until final payment is made.
If the Lay-by is cancelled, the refund of deposits and payments will be made in accordance with the applicable law.
Subject to any law to the contrary, Myer will retain any deposits and payments if the customer does not request a refund within 12 months of the date of cancellation.
Any change of customer address must be notified to the store where the Lay-by originated. The personal information collected will be used for the purpose of facilitating the Lay-by.

I think that it means that you will lose the non refunable $12 but that is all.

 It says 2016.
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 Better than 2006
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Jesus this is why you can’t ask anyone for help anymore you get self entitled bitchy responses such as “read your receipt”

Receipts don’t always have all the answers and someone may have personal experience they can offer!

Since when did Mums stop looking out for each other!?

 The lay by receipt has all the terms and conditions but considering this post is 12 months I'm sure it's been sorted out
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Wow! Really helpful. Thanks for your constructive advice. Not!!

 Assuming you have the receipt you could easily read it! If you don't I believe you get a store credit no refund.
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