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Cheapest cigarettes

Need to find cheap cigarettes
Costs me a fortune every week $120


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Just throwing it out there but have you thought about quitting. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not having a dig. I had no choice but to quit when prices went through the roof

$6240 a year is a decent holiday, heaps of things that could buy you... isn’t that kind of money incentive to quit, that, and your health

Can get 100 for $35 if you know someone that sells the chop chop ones. Otherwise roll them. Get a roller and buytobacco. Can make nearly 100 out of a 25g pouch. That plus filters and papers is less than $40

Back in my day as a asmoker, I thought $11.25 was expensive for a pack of 25 menthols

 I last paid $5.50 for a pack of 20 pj's
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Back when I was smoking I found a dodgy Asian milk bar that sold a pack of $20 for $14.50. they were imported from Thailand I think. Could try that? I was the same as you and I decided to quit. Was not easy at all but so worth it now.

I bought something like king street about a year ago, or was about $12.50 for 20s. They were bad though!

 Bond street
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 No bond street are more pricey
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