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What’s your most hated name

I hate the name Barry


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 Or anything that ends in the 'oh' sound for that matter
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 oh god yes and Willow. F**k.
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 I hate Piper too. I just think of a 40 year old ..Piper. Weird.
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Isabelle, Luca, William, George, Oliver, Charlotte Mia grace, Noah.

All of the popular names really lol.

 My two kids names are listed here. Not sure why these are soo bad.
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 They didn't say it was bad, just that those names are their personal least favorite
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God my own name and my kids have been listed on here already


 oh god yes anything like that kyan, kai, jai etc
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 makes me think of star wars kylo ren
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Dion, Jayden, kayden, cole, con

 oh and Raiden LOL
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 Yuck never heard of it but add it to the list!
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