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Sounds like we've got some pretty awesome women on this post ❤️

Well done on your achievements OP x

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I think it's interesting to see what a mix of mothers we have though!
Bit of everything

 About what id expect because ive read 1 in 3 go to uni. A lot dont complete it though
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Certificate IV

 Yeah there are other certificates
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 Oops! Sorry i forgot to add Certificates on the Poll, thanks for adding it here.
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I feel so unedumacated now compared to you amazing women 😂

Look at the poll numbers when you vote. Looks like a pretty good spread to me !

I was home for the first 2 years with each of mine, and I treasured that time. They were 6 years apart, so I worked in between.

But I knew it was time to organise more educational opportunities than I could provide when daughter stood outside the toilet door and asked: "mummy what came first, men or monkeys". She was 2.
And yes, with both of mine, I never had a poo in peace for 2 or more years.