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If you only had 1 regret in life, what would it be?


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My only regret is having an abortion. I should have just had the baby, it would have been fine, i wish someone had have told me that at the time.

 I feel the same. Hugs x
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 How old were you ?
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 ^that's tough going through that at such a young age ❤
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 It’s easy to say that now as a mature adult but having a baby at 17 would equally be mentally difficult, let go of the past and love yourself no matter what.
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 Im the OP of this reply, i was 22 and already had a 1.5 year old at the time. I will always regret it, but i dont beat myself up about it because it was not a decision i made lightly.
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I regret the way I have treated people In the past

 Wish my sister said that
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I settled down way too young. I met the man I'd marry when I was 17. I was a child. At the time it was a romantic notion. We fell in love, got married, bought a house and started a family in our late teens/early twenties.
But the reality is, neither of us have had a chance to learn who we are as individuals. He's slightly older than me, but even he was very young when we settled down.
I've never lived alone. I gave up work to be a housewife and mother. I never got to enjoy promiscuity, or drunken adventures with my irresponsible friends.
I spent my youth barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. It's a 1830s girls dream. But it's my regret.

Moving out of uni accommodation into a party sharehouse. Ended up failing. Getring married to the first person who asked d have lived in an emotionally abusive relationship since.

 Same on the marriage one
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Getting married really young. Big mistake.

 Same here
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Having my 3rd
No need to ask why

 Lol! The third’s are like that!
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Treating my own kids badly, whinging or yelling at them cos I had such a hard time with their behavioural difficulties. Also to love myself more and let go of the guilt.

Thinking abuse from family member was ok cause it’s family
Not talking about sexual

Getting involved with a man with kids when I was 22
He was 35 and his kids were 3,6,9 and rude
After a year left and couldn’t be bothered with trying to get half of house
No regrets there

Not being myself. When I was younger I felt like I needed to change who I was to fit in. I was made fun of etc now I'm 31, and I have true friends. They love me for who I am and it is honestly so amazing to finally be myself.

Tramp stamp

 Omg you poor thing. This is the absolute worst thing in the world 🙈
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 Laser tattoo removal. It works!! I got the dreaded Asian tattoo and I had it removed. It's painful as f**k but it was worth it.
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My regret would be not going off at my old boss who treated me like sh*t, and sending in fair trade. He was a prev and creep

The one life no regrets tattoo

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 It's okay mines in a different language so not obvious but
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