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Pregnant & conflicted as sh*t & need support/comfort!

2 years ago i was told I more than likely won't be able to have another child & if i were to fall pregnant the chance it will be ectopic is very high (everything that could've gone wrong)
I've been with my current partner 6 months & it's the only actual relationship I've had that isn't abusive in any way.
I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm terrified.


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Oh honey! Go get yourself checked out to know for certain and then deal with whatever follows. Its no use worrying and dwelling on the negative! I am sending you so much virtual love and hugs! Good luck!

Go get an ultrasound done ASAP. You need to make sure you’re healthy

Eptopic still shows pregnant when you pee on a stick , ultrasound tomorrow 😍

Go to it gp, get yourself checked out and monitored, good luck and congrats