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would never

date anyone who has kids
i couldnt stand being a step mum to little brats
i love being a single mum with 6 kids and men love fucking a MILF


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I would never
Be a pathetic troll
I fu****g love not being a shit loser

If i was make id never touch a chick with a clown car for a vagina

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 Hahahhahahah! Omg! Best thing I have ever heard
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I would never f**k a woman with a chasm vagina, but it appears some do. Those poor men probably cry themselves to sleep after sleeping with your troll a*s.

Same! Being with a guy who has kids is an absolute deal breaker!

My friend and I dated a few guys with kids and (being silly) wrote a guide for a recently single friend thinking of dating someone with kids. If I can find it will put in on here.

Just put phenergan in his kids' juice. Then it doesn't matter if the guy you wanna f**k has kids or not.

 good idea
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