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How would you feel if your nanny gave your baby formula ?


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I am a nanny. My client leaves me what we hope is enough expressed milk every day. There is a little back up in the freezer. There is also a tin of formula, just in case. The baby has had a few bottles of formula over her 4.5 mos on this Earth.

As long as the child is fed, what's the big deal? If there's no available breastmilk, should I wait hours to feed the child?

 Some people just don't think reasonably. Of course keeping her properly fed is the most important thing! Xx
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I read this article. The nanny was paid extra to take baby to mum at night to feed but she wanted to sleep so bottle fed instead. In this case, yes I would be upset.

 Well obviously there was formula in the house. If the mother is so fu****g worried about breastfeeding she should have the baby nearby with a monitor not with a bloody night nanny!
No nanny would get paid extra to take a baby into another room in the house for a feed, it’s her job!

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Someones been watching working moms

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Is this a plot from working moms?

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It depends. Did you tell the nanny specifically NOT to give the baby formula?

I would feel like its time to step up and be a mother to my child instead of paying someone else to be. Money isn't everything.

I know it’s a bit different because it’s not formula. My friend Breast fed her neice. Her sister left the expressed milk on the kitchen bench by accident, mum was half an hour drive away.
It was a complete shit storm for about an hour after her sister arrived home, to the point I took all the kids for a walk.
They were both crying cuddling on the couch by the time we got back.
The shit mums go through and the decisions they have to make at a moments notice nannies have to deal with too. They have a tough time working in such a personal role with families. What responsible person would not do what they can to feed a hungry baby?

 I don't think I'd be mad if my sister breast fed my starving baby at all. Maybe I'm weird.
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 Me either. I’ve fed a couple of friends babies when they were in need, I was able to help and I did it, obviously with the mothers consent first but still. We were happy and baby was fed.
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I had to feed my friends baby Formula Once when the baby was breastfeed but hungry and drank all expressed milk, and she was working so I just fed her baby the formula cos mum didn't finish for ages.
I don't know if she was pissed, if she was she didn't bring it up with me

 Go you for keeping Bub fed!
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 Good job feeding the baby but you should have let her know. Then she's going to know why bub has funny poo if it upsets their belly.
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I would be annoyed if there was breastmilk there for the baby and the nanny knew not to feed formula. It would be no different than a nanny going against any other instructions I had given in regards to looking after the baby

It would depend on the details.
Was the baby already having formula? If they weren’t then why did the many think that was okay to introduce it to the baby without asking the parents.
How old is the baby?
If they are breastfed was there any expressed milk available or did the nanny run out and bub needed more milk?

Personally I would have been mad if somebody gave my breastfed son formula. Mainly because anybody who I would trust to watch my child would know how much I wanted breastfeeding to work out with him. there was never any situation were he needed formula because until he was able to go longer without feeds he was always with me.

It’s all about communication as with anything to do with somebody else’s baby.