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Would you name your kids after your in laws?

Hubby wants to name our daughter
Filomena Maria
If we have a son next
Vincent Mario
I am like nooo


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We had 2 boys oldest son has father in law's name as his middle name youngest has my dad's name as his middle name. I think our idea was good it acknowledges both families.

 Same !
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Can't the kids have their own names?

You have the final say in this, you are the one who carries them in your womb.

 Being the one who carries them does not mean a final say. Your kids are half your partners too. Parenting is 50:50 and it begins with naming your child.
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 ^ yeah, nah mate. Unless my partner has stitches in his c**k after childbirth therm i have the final say.
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 Well then, you should be the one who pays for them. And cares for them on your own. Seeing as you had the stitches and all 🙄
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 Cheers mate. I do. I work, I support my children and partner. He works and supports us too: he has for many years. He is also a beautiful Human being. Better than you could ever wish for. He knows when it comes to parenthood mothers have a way harder grind. I love how he respects women, how he respects what we go through to raise a child.
So yes. That respectful mother fucker supports my parenting decisions. And i respect and love him for it.

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 He sounds like a door mat. Where’s your respect for him?
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 ^how do i not respect him?
He is in no way a doormat.
I suspect you are a touch jealous because you can't speak as highly of your partner. If you have one 😛

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 What trash. It’s 50/50 in the eyes of the law and not only that it should be a joint choice anyway. Get off you high trashy horse. With a mouth like that, you’re foul!
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 Yeah ok princess shut your hole no one cares
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 Your suspicions are incorrect. I have a husband and parenting including the naming of our children we do together. So either your partner is a doormat or he just doesn’t give a f**k.
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 Funny how you make assumptions about a man you don't know. He's more of a man than your poofy little c**t of a husband. Go get some c**k up ya, ya fat mole. It might loosen you up so you're not such a miserable fat fuckin sow.
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 ^ you need some soap for that mouth? Yuk.
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 No soap required but thanks for asking. When communicating with less intelligent people I tend to swear a lot, you know, speak your language.
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 Actually legally mum gets the final say. You can send off the birth certificate without him signing it, he can't send it without you signing it. I know because I have been through this.
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 ^ not if father is named on the birth certificate
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 No, but you don't have to put him on.
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 You don’t but unless you dont want your child’s father to be a part of their life why wouldn’t you?
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 It has nothing to do with the child seeing their dad, if you can't agree on a name you can simply fill out the forms and send them in. Dad can be added later. I had to do this because of an unreasonable name after family member demand.
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 ^ that sounds so manipulative,
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 Yes, so is getting legal advice on how to force your wife,/ dil to let you have the name of your choice. So I got legal advice too and was told to just name the child, and let them take me to court, because they won't win. I used the family name as a middle name so it's still there, but I also used one of my family names as the middle name just to say f you.
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We chose middle names that were family names. Personally I prefer them to have their own first names.

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I wouldn't name my child after anyone because i think it's important to their emotional wellbeing that they feel like they have their own identity & not have to live up to a namesake. I have a pet hate for Juniors. I think it's clearly all about puffing up Senior chest & making them feel good but what about poor Junior - he wasn't even important enough to get his on name.

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 I was named after someone and I’ve never felt like that. Emotional well-being very much intact.
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 I was named after a family member and never ever had this opinion that’s stupid
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 She asked for opinions I gave it. Back off Junior.
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 I agree, they need their own name. They already inherit a surname so why the other names?!
When I hear parents giving their children inherited names I snort. It's ridiculous.

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Nothing wrong with that

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My in-laws name
Yvonne Jane
Terence John
No way my kids would be called that

Hubby was named after his paternal granddad and hates the name

Merven Cyril

Sisters name

Beryl Gertrude
She hates it

 Wow... that's child abuse... that's awful
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 They’re not nice names! Cyril & Beryl they're about as bad as it gets. I hope she refers to herself as Bee or BG
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To each their own but I wouldn't name my kids after my parents so why would I name them after hubbys? Middle names maybe. My husband was named after his uncle and they have identity issues all the time.

Hell no! I couldn't bear being reminded of my sour, rude & interfering in laws every time I looked at my children. They're back from a 3 month holiday tomorrow & I can already feel my mental health declining. I've been so happy without them around.

Besides, in our families there would have been offence at the other family's name being used & we'd then have to use a name from the other side for second child even if we hated the few choices & someone would always be unhappy anyway. It's too exhausting so fresh names it was!

Our 2 boys aren't named after anyone on either side of the family. I'm not against naming kids after family, it just didn't happen for us. No one expected it though, so no one is salty about it, so that's good.

Who got the stitches gets the final say

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Yeah my MILs name is Athol (like Ethel but slightly different, and with the a sound not the eh). So that's a hard pass from me... but we did use family names as middle names.

Generally I see nothing wrong with using family names, but those are pretty awful names. Maybe you could compromise and use one as a middle name?

Used mil middle name for my daughters middle name and I regret it every day. Wish I gave her her own middle name.

Only if the particular in-law is dead. If i want to honour someone, it will be because they aren't around to receive it in person. Besides, I am sure the "must be dead" element might have particular appeal if the MIL is unpleasant.