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Have hurtful comments affected you so much that you made changes to yourself?

My beautiful cousin was a little overweight and a random person on fb who didn’t agree with her comment told her she was fat. She joined a gym and looks amazing.


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Actually they've done research on what motivates people to lose weight & all indicators point to the fact that negative & nasty comments have the OPPOSITE effect & make people gain more weight (through depression & self disgust). So if you are genuinely hoping to motivate someone to lose weight, please don't try being unkind.

 dunno how that works, I've been motivated through comments and feelings of judgement by other people and so glad that I did and wasn't continuing on like an unhealthy piggy with my head in the sand.
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 The plural of anecdote is not data. If it worked for you, cool cool, but for the vast majority of others it won't.
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I’m so the opposite. When people say nasty things I do it more to really shove it in their faces 🤩

 😂 same here
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 How do you do that if they call you fat? Get a bit fatter to ‘shove it in their faces?’ Wouldn’t really work since you are the one being bogged down by the weight of the problem (pun intended)
I’m not saying this as a nasty remark I don’t get how you do this more though???

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My 8 year old daughters friend called me the junk food lady because my kids get so many treats. I’ve cut back on giving them treats and when the friend comes over now she I don’t give anyone any treats!

 It was probably her mum her coined that?
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 I learnt a long time ago never to give kids treats in play dates. For this reason. I give my own girls treats because they deserve it and so healthy and active but old Susan down the road doesn’t know that as she tsk tsk at a little old Tim tam being devoured by chubby little girls. Chubby from healthiest organic meals made by me and breastmilk 😄
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My mum always makes comments about my weight and it hasn't motivated me to do anything. She will purposely buy me clothes that are too small, it's always such a wonderful birthday or Christmas when I get these gifts lol

 Yeah I feel like my whole family tell me to lose weight, but here I am, being this fatty, still achieving things skinny people do. Probably more active than the lot of them. Oh well
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That is why people should be careful about what they say and who they say it to on facebook. Trolls will say things that are obviously just to cause a reaction but they don't know the mind set of the person they are saying it to.
To be honest I have a bit of concern for your cousin. Just the fact that when a random person called her a name simply to provoke a reaction, she took it seriously enough to go to the gym. Does she suffer from low self esteem?

Yes my husband made comments about my weight. in fairness I was fat but the comments made were just cruel and hurtful. It wasn't the only motivator but it was a huge part of the reason why I lost weight.

 Is he fat ?
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 Your hubby sounds like a C you next Tuesday.

I supported, and still try to support, my wife in her efforts. Despite my strong belief that her bodily changes were another contributing factor to her beauty. I am always taken back to the first moment I held each of our children each and every time I see her "ugly stretch marks" (her words). It may have come to pass that she has a couple extra kilos, but she still turns heads, mine especially, when we are out. Again I see a change only for the better, never the worse.

Hell, just thinking about what I'm writing makes me think I probably do not say it to her enough, but i definitely think, feel and BELIEVE it!

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I don't think that motivates me, I have been called fat from an ex and from my partners ex and I'm here still fat 😂. What has motivated me in the past though was when an old boyfriend cheated on me and I just got stuck into cardio straight away for stress relief and get rid of my anger and lost heaps of weight. Maybe the comment sparked enough anger inside for her to do the same?

 Yes, maybe so.
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