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Codeine addict

I wrote a few weeks ago asking if anyone else had a codeine addiction. Well today is my first day of detox. So far it's going alright (I suppose) I've got a headache, I have body aches and restless leg syndrome. Thank goodness DP has crickey tonight so I don't have to worry about cooking dinner and acting normal. No one knows I even have a problem and an detoxing except one friend, my DP doesn't know because I can't handle the look of disappointment so I'm pretty short on support in this. Anyway, no there's no question before anyone jumps on me. I'm just... I dunno, telling someone I guess?


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I made it guys, day 1 is over! I'm off to bed, I'll update you all tomorrow. Thank you again so much for all the well wishes. Xx

Be proud of yourself. Great start. You can do this! xxx

I inadvertantly got hooked on oxy after major surgery this year. Its so easily done with doctors very willing to give it out post op. Thankfully i got off it !!! But i understand how hard it is. Go you, you can do it!!!! Future you will thank you

You've put a smile on my face. One step at a time, you can do it and we're all here to cheer you on. All the best x

How are you OP?? Let us know, the good, the bad, the ugly. We're here for you, whatever's going on. xxx

OP Awww thankyou. Day 4 today, my aunts 65th birthday bbq so luckily was feeling a bit better. My partner bought codeine home the other night but I didn't touch it. I did however had 2 (and only 2!) today which I know is a step back but way better than the 20-25 a day I was on! I feel like I'm getting my life back tho, it's getting better, yesterday was a hard day but that's in the past! Thank you for checking in on me, you are the sweetest. Xxx
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 So glad to hear about your awesome progress.... Been thinking of you. Keep going. Sounds like you've got it in the bag. xxx
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Good morning OP, hope you have gotten over your first day and are doing ok..... Just remember you can do this!!! Well done to you xx

OP Good morning! Thank you for your thoughts this morning. rough start this morning, toddler has been up since 5am and in a horrible tantrumy mood 😩 Got a splitting headache, wanting some pills but I won't, I promise. Xxx
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 Keep going. You're doing great! xx
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 Go op! You can make it through today too. Keep going, you can do this.
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 go mama!
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That's great news. Not sure why you can't tell your partner and loved ones, yes there may be a quick look of disappointment but they love you and I'm sure would want to support you through. Maybe there's a quit line ish number you could call also? xx

OP Shame. My partner and family were there during my first detox (this is my 3rd). It's only been a few months this time (first detox was after 4 years of everyday use).
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 Every attempt is a step towards the final detox. You've got this.
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 It would be shameful if you weren't trying to detox, but you are xx
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 And if you haven't already called then look up the phone number 1800 (422599 in nsw) for ADIS alcohol drug information service, different number for each state. Advice info support referrals etc.
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Good on you! Glad to hear you at least have one person for support. Keep up the good work. You can do it!

Go you! Don't give in or you will have to go through all of this again. Just keep going and keep on. Talk to your doctor or another doctor to get some more support.

Good for you! Quitting an addiction is hard, but it sounds like you're well on the way. 😊

That's great that you're trying to detox yourself but the nurse in me is curious about your bowels ! Do you have severe constipation?

OP No. I'm pooping everyday haha. When I was on it I was very constipated but not now 😊
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Day 2 is worse guys 😩

 Hang in there chica!

Remember you're doing a great thing!

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OP Thank you. Struggling big time today 😔
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 Day three four and five will be sucky too but when you have hit that week mark REWARD YOURSELF! go for a cuppa with your pal who knows and do something you want to do!
You can do it, you did day one so you know you can.

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Thank you all for your kind words of support. This day feels like it's never going to end lol but considering I'm not feeling too badly.
Thank you all again. Xxx

 Can you at least take panadol or something without codeine? I accidentally became addicted after surgery a couple of years ago. I had no idea til my husband pointed it out to me!! You'll feel so much better when it's over, you'll feel like you have your life back :)
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 The day almost is over :-)
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