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I think my 11 year old is addicted to PlayStation

I just woke up to screaming, and it's 330 am and he's on a damn game! He was asleep at 1am when i went to the toilet ffs. I just took the wifi box away and he's throwing an epic sad!
I think while covid 19 restrictions were in place injust got lazy and let the kids play whenever they wanted, and now I've created a monster.


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Tough love right now. My kid FaceTimed her friend without me knowing a few weeks ago after I told all my kids iPads were not to be used without me knowing. I turned FaceTime off straight away and limited my second eldest’s use of the iPad to school work only.

Just be tough and restrict it to a certain time limit a day and unplug the play station (easy) overnight and take it to your room.. he'll learn.

He is old enough to have a discussion with about this, when he is calm. Agree to a time limit, stating why and because you care. Good luck.

I’m not going to lie, he is probably addicted but perhaps just for a phase, perhaps not. I was addicted to chat rooms and computer games when I was about 15 for about 18months. I would wake up and go to bed playing in the holidays. My parents didn’t really say anything (which was probably good as I’m the other extreme). I gave it up after that when all of my friends were getting into it. I don’t have facebook or any social media now, but I am a little addicted to my completer. I wish I had an answer but this is such a complicated situation especially when adults everywhere are addicted to their phones

My friends husband took a hammer to their kids Xbox when he did that. You don’t have to go that far, but get tough with him now. You don’t want to be dealing with that when he’s an older and bigger and scarier teenager.