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Are you robbing your toddlers and kids childhood by giving them electronic devices ?


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Honestly, I remember spending a crazy amount of time in front of a tv when I was a kid and I grew up to be a normal successful person. My kids watch a whole lot of tv and play with iPads, but they also do after school activities, enjoy playing in our big backyard, riding bikes, going to the beach etc.
These days everyone seems to be trying to make us feel guilty. So tired of it!

 Love this!
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I think screen time and electronic devices are ok as long they’re balanced with plenty of outdoor physical activities. There needs to be clear boundaries and limits around use of such devices. But if you deny your kids access to these devices completely, you could argue you’re putting them at a disadvantage later. They’re growing up in a different world, a world full of electronic devices that are constantly switched on. Their future education and careers will likely require the use of such devices so I think it’s important to teach them how to use them and help them to regulate the use of such devices at an early age.

Yes lol thanks for asking

 The only honest answer?
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 The only answer you were looking for
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My son spends a lot of time on his iPad. He isn’t playing games or anything. He is watching videos about space, anything at all he can find and his knowledge is extensive. Definitely not a time waster for him. When I was a kid everyone had game boys, and I don’t remember people getting so outraged with those like they do these days about kids with iPads. 🤷‍♀️

 You don’t remeber because you were given them.

There was plenty of outrage about how much tv and sega and game boys our generation consumed

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Oh yes. I’m known as the Taker of Childhoods in these parts.

 Haha you mean mum 😂
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 Same, they call me the childhood thief!

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They can be very educational but it pisses me off when they're used as a babysitter

 See... why does it piss you off? Not your business!
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Schools use iPads now as part of their curriculum. No one is outraged with that. More the opposite that they are ‘ahead’ or keeping up with the times. Maybe give this some thought. An iPad used to benefit or teach kids something...... HMM 🤔

Did my parents do the same when they brought me a Nintendo? Hardly

To a degree. But if I didn’t they would be robbed of a happier childhood because mum is bat crazy running around doing everything for everyone. My kids don’t have iPads or such, but they do watch tv sometimes for an hour a day!(which I think is pretty bad, especially for my youngest who is 2.5. My first didn’t watch anything until 4, but with my third things are a world of difference, but so is my life(as I work now, marriage went through a stressful period etc).

 To be honest though, this question can be asked of parents and adults. Everyone is addicted it’s horrible!
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 An hour per day? Is it 1996 where you are?
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