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Hi, I'm just about to try the slow cooked chicken and apricot recipe. Do I just put the french onion soup mix in dry ? - Is there any liquid added in the recipe ? Thank u !


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Canned apricots in juice NOT dried apricots.

 thank u !
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sorry, I'm being very slow here and I'm not much of a cook! Where the recipe says 'Pour over the packet of French onion soup mix and pour the apricots over the top' -- does that mean make the soup up first (and is that to a pint)? and does it mean dry or tinned apricots? - I'm basically not sure how much liquid I should have and it's for a celebration meal so I want it to be OK. Thank uloads

thanks I brought packet apricots - how much liquid would u add to them pls and would chicken stock be OK ? Or would it be better for me to buy tinned apricots and use the nectar? I want to try & get it right for a family celebration but I'm not a great cook!

I put the powdered mix into the apricot nectar from the tin of apricots. Mix it up, tip it in, and rinse the container in warm water which I also tip into the meal.