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Beyond furious at my husband

Beyond furious at my husband right now. We have been rough for a while but the last 3/4 weeks have been extremely tough, I have two previous children and one to him, he is normally great with them. Tonight we had the kids favorite loaded hot dogs anyway daughter wanted another Frankfurt and he said no really quickly, she left and went back to watching the movie and I asked why did he say no? He goes off and goes out there, by the time I got out there the Frankfurt was on the floor in front of her basically, he had thrown it maybe 4/5 meters at her on the floor!!!! I went off! She's not a dog she's a child who's hungry?! She's 10, not an example of any way shape or form I want her to be treated. He says he didn't throw it it was slippery, like I'm stupid... I don't believe him at all and have told him he is f*cking off tomorrow cause no one idk who you are disrespects anyone that lives in this house like this. Not on! This d*ckhead is all I'm the victim card in here. Omg


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Absolutely not on.

 Certainly! He's gone way to far, I've lost all respect for him now! It's disgusting behavior
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It's the first time that you know of... Like you said you think it's happened before. You have a choice to make and sadly he doesn't seem to want to make a positive change. Can you live much longer in this environment with your children, and with behaviour that is likely to escalate ?

Maybe step back and look at the bigger picture and ask yourself why there’s been ongoing issues???

 He's become a person I didn't think he'd be. Distant, not caring or loving, Lazy around the house, hiding things and then blaming me of how I react, I have said many times I react like this cause you hide things but he thinks I'll get mad anyway. We are having problems, yep! But that is our stuff. Nothing excuses throwing food across a room on the floor!
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‘Normally great’ men don’t behave like that. I’d feel the same way as you. Red flag.

 I am so shocked! It was the first time he's gone something like this to them
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My ex started acting exactly like yours. Turns out he was having an affair. I am sure he was stressed dealing with trying to hide it, keeping things up with her, keeping things up with me, making sure his work didnt find out, etc.
Not saying yours IS cheating, but looking back now I can see why he was acting that way.
He refused to take my daughter somewhere one night because she changed the radio station (completely irrational behaviour), she was 14yo.