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Question about taking kids overseas to live.

I have two step children we have them nearly half the time, their mum and step dad have them the rest. The children's step dad has been transferred to Singapore to work, we have been told it's for a year but it may be permanent. My DS can't work out whether to let the kids go or not. He is happy for them to go for a year, but if they decide to stay longer will we end up fighting in court to get them back to Australia? Can parenting plans be enforced in overseas situations?


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Don't allow them to go. Singapore has only been a member of the hague since Feb 2013. But it is very lengthy and costly to get them back.

It depends if Singapore has a signed treaty with the UN, I've drawn a blank on the actual name of it. You would need to discuss this properly with a lawyer who specilises in international law, this is a few more $$$ but totally worth it. Personally I wouldn't let them go.

 Hague convention, it's The Hague convention. That's it. Stupid brain.
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 Thanks, it will cost us a fortune, that's why we are thinking of just saying no, though I guess we would have to sort out them visiting their mum.
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 You might find that they make her come here to visit, as the kids need permission to go over seas and they cant force your husband to give them permission to go visit over there. Plus if the6 fly over there should could just keep them there until you go through the lengthy courts to get retrieval order.
Not to mention it would be cheaper for her to fly then for both kids to fly, especially if they are too young to fly by them selves.

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Getting them back could take years and cost more than you have!
The mother should have thought about this when discussing her husband applying for overseas work.
Also what happens to visits? Who pays airfares. Parenting agreements don't mean shit if you can't get them on a plane.
Have their passports cancelled now. A new one can be issued within a week if you come to an agreement.
A good experience for them but it comes at a cost

Watch out everyone! Hague Convention lady is out with her keyboard warrior issues!

 I haven't heard of this lady. Who is she and why does she have a name?
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Wow thanks so much everyone, the tips have given me a start on looking in to it. I think it's easyish to let them visit but we would find it difficult to get them back if they were to move there. I think we are just going to say no, not sure how to tell their mum.

He has to give permission for them to get a passport seek legal advice ASAP!!!

I can't imagine Singapore being a country that cares about Australian law, we have no trade agreement, they have no reason to care what we think.
From memory that girl whose bank accidentally gave her two million dollars was arrested at the airport trying to fly to Singapore, where she couldn't have been extradited.

 They are a member of the hague convention for child retrieval. They must obey a recovery order issues by any other hague convention country! Child recovery and that girl are totally different. Get your facts right.
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Go to your lawyer and ask.
You will need a parenting plan that also includes Singapore law

 Was hoping for an idea of how it works, will go to a lawyer before we let them go.
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