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Quitting Smoking

So I have had what I hope to be my last cigarette about an hour ago. This is about my 10th attempt to quit and im really hoping it will stick this time. I DO NOT WANT TO SMOKE ANYMORE!!! So I am looking for tips and tricks to make this work. I am attempting cold turkey as any of the nicotine replacements I have tried have given me horrific side effects. So please help me i want to make this work. Thanks in advance ☺


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Exercise. Every time you feel like a ciggie, do star jumps, or push ups or even running on the spot. Anything. Just for a several minutes till you work up a sweat or are puffing.

OP I love this idea thanks so much for the tip.
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 Oh, I like this idea 👍🏼
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So it has been 4 weeks. I have slipped up a few times but am straight back in the wagon again in 4 weeks I have bought 2 packs and bummed a couple here and there but all in all I feel like im doing OK. The cravings are nowhere near as bad and I find now when I slip up its easy to stop again. Fingers crossed it just keeps getting better with time.

 I hope the slip ups get less and the cravings become less frequent. Keep on going, you can do this!!
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Support system is important. Hubby quit about 4 months ago now and has put me in charge of our money. Every time he thinks about wanting a smoke, he has to ask me first and I flat out tell him no we're not buying anymore. We find other stuff to do when he is craving them and I found I had to let a lot of stuff slid as he got really cranky to start with. He's a lot better now and hasn't asked for a smoke in 2 months, so fingers crossed he sticks to it. Good luck :).

I can't offer any tips but just wanted to wish you luck. I will be reading through to for tips and tricks too.

I gave up successfully 10 years ago. I used patches and they really did help. I completed the whole 9 week step down programme. I also made a list of the pros and cons of giving up smoking and when I felt like I might give in, re read that list. I also kept a journal and every day I wrote in it, the positive effects I was feeling from being a non smoker. And ways I dealt with stress. And that is what you have to be prepared for. Times in your life that are stressful (and life is stressful, so you have to be prepared for it) where you rely on cigarettes to help you through and have other coping mechanisms in place. Because that is often what makes people start up again, stress! And maybe avoid other triggers for the short term like for me it was coffee and alcohol. Each day gets easier. Good luck!

OP I have written a pros and cons list and I have a list of things on my fridge that I can use to distract myself through the cravings (things like clean the bottom of the wardrobe, read 2 pages of my book, drink a big glass of water ect). I hadn't thought about coping mechanisms with stress so I will definitely look into ideas for that too. Thankyou so much for the help.
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Everytime you'd normally go to buy a pack put the same amount of money away somewhere you can see it grow.

OP I was thinking this and have decided to put the money I save onto our credit card (2 birds one stone saving from not smoking and paying off the credit card faster). Thank you for the advice
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I brushed my teeth anytime I wanted a cig. I'd also pop those whitening strips on in the morning to block me during my worst craving time

OP I like this idea... i might save it though for when this gets super difficult. This first day hasn't been awful so far. Thanks for the tip
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If you have children or partner every craving look at them and remind yourself that you want to be here to see there wedding /grandchildren. A long happy life with your partner and the adventure you'll have. You very likely are robbing yourself of these things if you continue to smoke. Even keep a picture in your wallet to pull out if your about to cave and buy a packet Best of luck to you

OP The two beautiful girls climbing all over me right now are my reason to quit. Thankyou for your advice.
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I'm in the same boat!!! I've tried so many times before but I am determined to stick this time. Good luck!!!!

OP Good luck to you too... kinda nice to know there is someone else going through the same things as me ☺
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 Every attempt is a practise run for success. Best of luck to you both!
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I went cold turkey but to ease into it I counted how many I had a then cut it down by one each day until I was smoke free. Been 4 years since I did that :) good luck, it's not easy

OP I have been cutting down for a while to try and ease into it so hopefully I have cut down enough to make it stick. Thanks for the help
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I quit cold turkey 3 years ago. I went from smoking 25 to none. I won't lie it was freakin hard. I found if I told myself I was quitting I was having a break. My brain adjusted better instead of thinking the world was ending lol. Allan Carr the easy way to quit smoking was helpful. Also set a long term goal. I wanted porcelain veneers which I couldn't get while smoking, so the money I saved not smoking paid for them. It was my quit smoking present to myself. They say it takes 10 attempts to quit smoking. This is the lucky last for you. Good luck 😊

I'm quitting too, it's been 3 months.. I'm fine if I'm with people but at home it's bad.. I find if I clean something it gets better scrub the shit out of anything and everything with bleach and that helps.

Exercise, plenty of water, save money and reward yourself (holiday etc.) and read Alan carr's easy way to quit smoking!