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Chores for kids

Do you think a four year old should know how to use a washing machine dishwasher and Peel vegetables with a potato peeler
Put toilet paper on loo holder
Use a loo brush
Play the piano everyday for 2 hours supervised


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Here's some chores my now 10 year old done at about that age. Washing is a bit much for a child that age

Tidying up toys/bedroom
Rinsing own plate/bowl and stacking on side of sink
Setting/clearing the table
Feeding pets
Helping to sort clothes
Sweep (he didn't do a good job but he enjoyed it so why not)

All of these jobs can be done in less that a few mins. Let your little one enjoy being a kid and once she/he gets older then you can instill a bit more responsibility

 Not my child
It’s my cousins child. She married an Asian

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Absolutely not!! I'd be happy if they were wiping their own bum 😁

Tiger Mum. Not uncommon among Asians. Drive the kids really hard to make then excel later in life.

 Some end up murdering their mum
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Around the time my kids were 4-5 years old, they could sort their own laundry and put these away. My now 6&8 year olds can empty the dishwasher, do laundry, some light vacuuming and fold their bedding. These are all life skills that they will need.

To the person calling this ‘child labour’ - CL is exploiting children for your own benefit. Teaching kids life skills is for their own benefit to become independent. Make sure you also know for certain that none of the goods you use that are manufactured cheaply in developing countries is definitely not due to actual child labour.

A four year old could do all that.
Maybe not the piano playing part

Uh wtf! Kind of hoping you were joking. No my four year old can’t do any of that and I don’t see why it’s necessary at all. Can teach them that at age 8 or 11 no need at 4. Why not sit on the floor and play with the child or read to them at that age. things they may not want to do when older

 My cousins wife is Asian and their 4 year old can do it
The 4 year old is advanced for her age and doesn’t talk like a toddler and was loo trained at 18mths

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 I completely get it. I’ve got friends that are like this also. It’s obviously in their own upbringing but the kids need to be kids. They’ve got so much time to learn these tasks. It’s not really necessary for anything to teach them to be responsible at such a young age. It almost feels like it’s just a bragging right?
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I don't think there is anything wrong with a 4yo knowing how to do all of those things.

 Child labour
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