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My husband is paying child support to someone and didn't tell me ...

We have been married 3 years and have 1 child. I don't see how this could have happened I tlreally can't think about him ever having a child with someone else but I have just found a some paperwork and saw that money is being deducted for 'child support'. WTF. I need more info before I bring this up incase it was a mistake or something...I am Deakin out ....where can I look? Does your husband have it written on a pay slip? He does all the Centrelink/child care things so I don't have a log on but if I get one will I see that sort of thing as in will we be linked ?


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If he won't fess up tell him not to worry when your own child assessment is done it will show if it is a multi assessment and the age bracket of his other child/ren.

Before you confront him Take your child elsewhere to be looked after (someone you trust) pack essential items, birth certificates, Medicare cards, get cash out, pack anything sentimental. Baby photos etc.
You need to be prepared to walk out that door. The nicest person can turn over situations like this. maybe even have someone with you.
Birth certificates esp your child's are important because you will need them to apply for any assistance for yourself x

I would ask him straight out who is he paying child support for, then I'd either pack my own bags or tell him to leave. That's a deal breaker, especially if the child has been concieved during your relationship but even if it was before. Who keeps a child secret from their partner? What the hell. Sounds like he's hidden it well if he's the only one access to Centrelink and childcare records. Go in all guns blazing, you've been had my girl.

Take a photo of everything you can before you bring it up just in case he destroys the evidence instantly.

What about access to the kid? I would be more worried about why he isnt present in the kid's life!

My hubby found out he has 8 year old son
Our son is 8
He cheated on me when I was 30 weeks pregnant

 OMG ...... I'm so sorry for you. Hope your doing ok. My husband had a 5 month affair, 5 years ago, it still affects me. At least there was no pregnancies or disease., a shit load of heartache though
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Eat is not a financial support they don't make you pay that back only welfare money.. Not foodstamps

The child support statement normally has the name and D.O.B of the child and mothers name. It seems really strange that he would hide that from you if it was a child from before you were together. I think you definitely need to confront him!

How long have you had a joint bank account for? Surely youd have noticed sooner if its a fortnightly or monthly payment?

It probably would be better to have more info before accusing him. Check his payslips, bank statements, if though he is covering his track, then you are going to have to straight up ask him to explain what you found.

Can you get into his my gov account ? If you can it will all be on there if he has CSA linked to it

Wow. a long talk is needed!
In regards to centrelink, they may not be connected just because your married, i had to give permission over the phone ,as did he, to have them connected but even then i cant go on to centrelink and see anything of his, like his bank details or his payments unless they are joined to mine . But Even if linked you would likely only see the things that are linked between you and him so not child support he pays someone else.
It could be on his pay slip thats if it deducted straight from his pay but its unlikely but depends on the work place and how it has all beeen set up.
Do you have access to his account statememt? If its more than a mistake you should see it on a statement more than once. But i honestly think the best way is to be direct and ask him about it.