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Landlords are you stalking your tenants?

The right to privacy clause is fucking joke. I'm renting for please god 🙏🙏the last time. Every single house i've ever lived in i've been annoyed by the owners. 1st house I unknowingly rented a house that the owners lived in the house on a hill behind & watched everything. Got evicted because I had a boyfriend & he stayed over a few nights a week, apparently this was unacceptable. Next house the owner posed as the handyman & would come in if there was a plumbing or electrical problem pretending to just be a handyman I worked it out though. next 2 houses the owners would drop in for a chat anytime they felt like it. Current house i can't give too many details but they are in position come & stay in the house next door whenever they want. Like seriously! I feel like i have to hide in the house & keep my kids quiet. Don't want to upset anyone because i don't want to have to move again before we buy. How is this fair?


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My husband does any repairs in our houses. We don’t tell them he is the owner (why should we? And why should we pay someone else to do a job he can? )

If I’m in the area and have time I’ll do a drive by as the front of the house can be indicative of how the house is being treated.

Some of the stuff you’ve mentioned seems over the top, but at the end of the day your using their 500k thing so ovcourse they want to make sure it’s taken care of.

 You don't have insurance against damage? You also have routine inspections too and it's the reason people pay a bond. you own the house and shouldn't be snooping around judging how people live.

if you're so worried about your 500k then get out of property investment and buy managed funds. The returns would be better anyway.

let the real estate agent do their job.

Nosy pricks

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 One house cleaned up every time there was an inspection but our neighbours were constantly complaining of the mess. That’s when I started.
Another one I caught them with their pet (something that many tenants hide from you) so these sort of things can pop up.

Ovcourse I do but I’d rather not pay my premium if I can just not renew the lease before too much damage is done.
As tenants earn the trust I leave them be. One of my tenants hasn’t had an inspection for 3 years and she has lived there for 13 years. Iv only raised the rent once.
I’m a good landlord to a good tenant, but people have to earn the trust.

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 And realestate don’t manage any of my properties, I do. I’d rather not pay someone to do a job that’s super easy.

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 Lol i use cleaning products on rental houses that eventually destroys grout because landlords are such cu**s. It lessens the resentment 😆. You give me hoops to jump through I give you future problems.
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 Entering without permission... lying about who you are...does any of this sound wrong to you?
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 Always enter with permission and infact at the request of the tenant.
He doesn’t lie about who he is.
“Hey I’m here to fix the tap”
Ok come on through.
Fix the tap.
“Your all good now.”
“You’re welcome have a nice day”

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 Owner must request permission to enter premises. Not repairmen, you are being dishonest. Defend it how you will.
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 ^^this is what I know too 👍
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I mentioned to the real estate agent that the owner was doing drive bys and they were horrified. Said they'd talk to the owner and tell him it was illegal and they if he kept doing it we had grounds to break lease.
Never saw him again after the agent spoke to him

I moved out of my last house because the landlord (who was nearly 50, I'm only 25) rang me up going on about the fact that my boyfriend had stayed over on the weekend and trying to tell me that none of my male friends were allowed to visit and I certainly was not to have "male company over night." When I told him that as far as the privacy act was concerned it was none of his business who I had visit he went on to say, and I quote, "well you're such a beautiful and gorgeous young thing, perhaps if you break up with that boyfriend of yours then maybe you and I could come to some sort of arrangement. I'd hate to have to kick a young, single mum out on the street with no where to go." I told him I'd rather live on the street than in his house anymore, this was officially my 2 weeks notice and I would be dropping a letter to the real estate the next day and contacting the tribunal. Absolutely no help off either of them, real estate took his side and tribunal informed me that because ot happened over the phone nothing would happen because it was his word against mine. The real estate also turned up first thing the next morning with an eviction notice with "no grounds" stated as the reason. I put it all in writing and, when he continued to message, email and ring me even months later, I emailed both him and the real estate saying that if I heard from either one of them again I would be contacting a lawyer and suing for harassment. I changed my number and refused to give them a forwarding address to be able to contact me at. Apparently him and my dad were friends in high school but had fallen out, so he then tried contacting my dad and using the "hey old pal" routine to figure out where I was and my dad calmly told him that he would rearrange his face if he ever tried contacting me again. Haven't heard from him since. Also I love my dad lol. Landlords are the worst. I'm now in housing commission and it is 100% worth putting up with the junkies up the street punching on at 2am once a month to not have to put up with landlords constantly trying to drop in and stalking me

I was a landlord for a couple of years, all contact was handled by the real estate agent (I didn't have tenants email/phone number). We did most of the maintenance and gardening ourselves, but it was always at an organised time. Also we were happy for the house to be lived in, didn't expect it to be a show home. Not all landlords are horrible.

Honestly its the bad tennants who cause landlords to act like this. Blame them!

 Yeah this is pretty accurate
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 Not everyone is a bad tenant & if landlords act this way they wont keep the good tenants- bad tenants is what they'll end up with.
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The problem is the government has made housing a commodity so these people aren't kind people looking to help other people up, they are there to exploit tenants. They want you there to fill up their bank accounts, that is all. Ask for too many repairs or fix a rotten deck & your lease won't be renewed. You're expendable. You don't matter.

That sucks!! It is definitely totally unfair. I hope you have the opportunity to buy soon. I’ve only recently bought a house and had been renting for a few years and absolutely dreaded inspections every 6 months.....the rented house never felt quite like our ‘home’

 Thank you. Literally counting down the days. We've always had every 3 months so you were lucky
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They broke the law by popping in for a chat
You should have called tenancy tribunal

How old are you ?

 Old enough to know if you make waves you get kicked out
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I've been on different sides of this.
As a tenant, a selling agent (not the renting agent) had a key to the flat and would call to check when I would be home, then come before I got there and show them around against my wishes. It was creepy, I'd find from my neighbours that they'd shown people through while I was at work without telling me. In the end, I gave notice and complained to the renting agent, who was horrified and hadn't even been notified the flat was for sale. It was awful, especially as a young woman living alone.
Then, as a tenant we had the landlords come and paint and do some yard work while we were in a few times - they were very nice, always lined it up in advance with the real estate agent and only did it when they were in the area for holidays as they lived several hours away. And that was no problem.
Then as a landlord living six hours away from my house, I wish I'd been less professional and at least had the neighbours letting me know what was happening. The first set of tenants were a fantastic group of young people who left the place perfect. But the second lot - a family - did so much damage in six months. I wish the real estate agent had been more on top of it, a three month inspection could have saved me a lot of hassle as unreported water leakage wouldn't have done as much damage for a start. We got some of the bond money, but things we hand't even realised were broken or damaged in the mess were found too late. Low level stuff, so not worth the excess on the landlord's insurance, but annoying! In the end, we pretty much gutted the house - ripped out the carpet, repainted, etc.
I think the key is a good real estate agent will be fair and protect everyone's rights - but at the end of the day, tenants are vulnerable to being moved on and landlords are vulnerable to stuff getting broken.

It's THEIR property!! If it bothers you so much, then BUY your own!!
I THINK landlords have not enough rights!

 Are you fu****g joking, you obviously don't do enough reading.
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 How about the other way? If you don't like other people living in your property, don't be a landlord! Invest in something else. People have a right to privacy and to feel comfortable where they are living. FYI I've been both a tenant and a landlord.
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We don’t stalk but we don’t let tenants know we own the property and live close by. This is in fact to protect ourselves as we have had some tenants that turned nasty and threatened real estate agent so why would we tell anyone we own the joint. Also we don’t want to have our door knocked on late at night if a tap is leaking. We pay the real estate to deal with issues and they are set up to undertake emergency repairs on our behalf.

 ^very clever 😊👍
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Every house I've rented except for one has had the owner do the repairs when things break. Some have been qualified tradies anyway so I understand not wanting to hire someone for something that they can do themselves. Most have been upfront about this though.

I've had chatty landlords and even ones that send friends/neighbours to chat to check on the condition of their property. I think it is common for them to want to keep an eye on their investment. I like to get the phone number of the landlord for the ones that have given the friendly introduction. You get things fixed faster informing the owner directly instead of just the real estate agency.

I've never had anyone threaten to evict us over these though.

My experience after renting for 10 years is that the ones that don't want to get to know you are always planning to sell while you are renting so I actually prefer the friendly owner hello.

 Our landlord repairs too but we know this...I feel like it is respectful and considerate for them to let you know. Hiding it is really rude actually...why should they know? For many reasons but the first one is being respectful
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 To you maybe but I’d rather not see them in the shops and have them know who I am. I’d rather them not know who my kids are and what school they go to.

There are really weird people out there.
It’s literally none of someone’s business if the person doing repares is the landlord.
There is not respect or moral obligation to let someone know.

When we rented, it never concerned me if the owner was the person in the house or not. I treated it well so it would have made literally no difference.

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 To you maybe. The landlord entering the house without permission is the problem. Concealing you’re identity is dishonest. For all I know you are snooping around being all weird just like you describe. My right to privacy is then irrelevant I guess
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 Yes there are weird people out there & some of them are landlords! I don't want you sneaking into my house under the guise on being a repairman, your husband could be a creep. I have children too. There are two sides to the coin but you only think of yours.
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 Could a seperate repair man not be a creep using that logic?

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 They'd be a professional not a lurker
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 Obviously yes but that is just paying devils advocate and changing the ball game. A professional has a licence, a company image to uphold if they want further business and have no vested interest into the property..they could be a creep, but they are licensed and have standards that they will want to uphold if they want customers or will come into dispute. The person hiding this, is basically saying, I’m your only option, I will look around your house and make judgements on whether you are a good enough tenant, that invades the privacy for the tenant to be in the home without fear of ramifications. I didn’t explain it too well but I think you get the jist
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 First of all my husband is licensed to do everything but electrical. For which we get an electrician in. As I said why would we pay someone for jobs he can do.
Second , Our houses are our jobs. He shut down his business once we got our 4th house as we live of rental incomes and . He does all repairs and renovations of our flip houses.
I do all cleaning and booking for our air bnbs.
The maintenance is part of his job.

If someone is in fear of getting evicted then yet hey probably aren’t looking after the house well, or hiding pets.

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 Or just living in fear your judgmental attitudes.
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 ^^Incomplete sentence
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 People who feel judged often have behaviour worth judging.
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 You are barking up the wrong tree simpleton I've had glowing reports from previous property managers but that does not mean I don't value my privacy & i don't want lurky property owners in my face - it's a part of the lease that BOTH parties signed. I have a right to privacy. What is so fu****g hard about that to understand?
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 ^Someone's a little grumpy 😖
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 So he income and life depends on it, she’s a flipper and as petty as it sounds, she is defensive and very bias. It’s dishonest but she will keep missing the point trying to avoid saying it, really no point arguing.
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 Yes you're right I give up - this is the state of the world today & really really sad.
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 Lol well my long term tenants don’t seem to mind me as a landlord and some people don’t have rods that far up their arse so they don’t feel so offended at an owner doing repairs they asked to be repaired.
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 Lol, your tenants don't know because you haven't told them! Your on crack! how an earth can you say they don't mind? Defensive and in denial. You are not requesting permission to enter as an owner but are entering as a repairman. Go away already,
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 Because things are fixed usually the day of request.
Haven’t raised the rent on one of them for 6 years the other nearly 5 years.
One of them goes to my kids school, and was in their class in grade 1, literally heard them say how happy they are to another mum.
Another one was a single mum newly seperated, who had no money for bond so I let her pay an extra $10 a week to build the bond up.
They all know I manage the property not realestate so they would most likely assume it’s us.
Caught people with pets on 2 seperate occasions, lease wasn’t renewed lol.
The other on was literally horrible, when they had an inspected they piled all the shit in the wardrobes and cleaned the rubbish in the front yard, my neighbour message me saying how bad the front of the house was.... and they were having cockroach and rat problems. Drive by helped on that one.
Another was a dealer, lease was not renewed.
Another time they were annoying neighbours (I know all neighbours of our houses.

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 My point of mentioning ones not renewed is there’s many reasons to be kicked out of using someone else’s home.
There will be shitty landlords. Just like there are (a lot) of shitty tenants.

But at the end of the day it’s not your house. So whatever reasons they want to use is fair. And if you don’t think it’s fair get yourself a home.

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 Go get run over by a truck
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 Blah fucky blah blah blah shut the f**k up the rest of us have got on with our lives already
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Man. I feel sorry for a lot of you, our owners live down the road and have to drive past daily. I have no issues with this, they text if they need to upgrade or fix things and we accomadate. We have fantastic owners.

I had a creepy landlord ask for services for cut rent - DOGZ!

 Omg. What did you do about it?
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