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Hay fever what do you use?

What do you use for itchy watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing?


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Rhinocort nasal spray, 'itchy eyes' drops, Zyrtec or Telfast...drink lots of water, they really dry you out!

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Nasonex spray. You dont need a prescription for the adult one anymore. I find it better than all the other ones.

Use a nasal spray in combination with tablets. Works a treat. Check the dosages of the sprays some are twice a day some are once a day. You'll find if you use the sprays consistently you onky have to take tablets on bad days.

I use Zertec, Its great. it doesnt make me drowsy like Claratyne can

I have a recipe:
Vodka, rum, bourbon.
Mix equal parts into a milkshake cup.. hold your nose and drink as fast as possible.
All better 😊

 Do not drive if this makes you drowsy.
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 I would appreciate proper answers not a troll! P*ss off
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 What? It works! Don't be such a hater.
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 I would rather get better than get drunk and have a hangover
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