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How much do you spend on your hair?


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I cut my own hair and use the same shampoo and conditioner as my children so I would say I spend $0. Massive contrast from when I used to spend about $150 every 8 weeks when my hair was bleached blonde haha

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$50 once a year for a cut and the same supermarket shampoo and conditioner my partner and children use.

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$40 a litre shampoo 🧴
$40 a litre conditioner every 6 weeks
$460 every 6 weeks

 I would spend about the same
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 More dollars then sense
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I get mine cut twice per year and just buy whatever shampoo I on special.

Hair cut is about 50 dollars and done every 2-3 months.
My husband colours it for me every 6-8 weeks and that costs about $14.
I spend about $20 on shampoo and conditioner very 2 months.

I used to spend a fortune and it looked the same so I stopped and spend the money on massages.

I got a $40 hair cut this year. First cut in 3 years. I don't really shampoo, but I use leave in conditioner, so about $7 every 3 months.

$180 for re-growth every 6 -8 weeks
Hair treatments $50 a month
Shampoo conditioner $50 month
It’s too much 😢😢 but I need to take care of my hair

I'm a bleach blonde with really long and thicj hair, it costs $240 every 6 weeks but then every second visit or so it will jump up another $100 for treatments and things. Way too much.

God a crap ton of money, i wouldn't even know but it's about 300 everytime i go to the salon. Used to be half that when i lived near my bestie who is a hair dresser lol. I may have to reconsider my blonde now I'm so far away! Then hair masks and blonde shampoos on top.... i probably still spend more on skincare though. My own vanity but hey i earn the money and I'll spend it how i like!

About $4-$5 a week for shampoo and conditioner. I cut my own hair (my hairs in a ponytail or bun 90% of the time so I don't stress if it's a little uneven), and I don't dye it 🙂 #cheapcheap

BUT if I do get my hair done at a salon it's usually about $200 for a cut, colour, and a half head of foils.

 So you go from one extreme to the other 🤔
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 My husband used to be deployed a lot, so I'd get my hair done for when he was scheduled to be home, and let it grow out. Now he's on base there's not as much money to spend on such frivolities. Plus, he really likes my natural colour so no need for dye or foils 😋
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 ^😂 yeah okay Hazel, if that's the way you want to see it. Thanks for the "amazing, oh wow, much accuracy" free analysis 😂
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$80 every 8 weeks for cut and colour. My hair very long... at least half way down my back.
$40 morrocan oil every 16 weeks.
Whatever shampoo and condirioner is on special.

Cut and colour every 6 weeks $140

Body Shop Ginger scalp care shampoo lasts me about 3 months $13

I just finished my bottle of Evo condtioner $35. Has lasted me a little over a year.

I’m almost at the end of my bottle of Moroccan oil, it’s lasted me 2 years. $60

I wash my hair every 3 days but I don’t use much product because my hair is short.

$80 every 3 weeks, bloody regrowth. Includes wash and blowdry!