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Nasal strips

Has anyone or anyone’s partners had succes with them?


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Im a pharmacy assistant and basically these little strips open up the nasal passage.
They can cause the nose cavity to dry up due to constant use.
Basically they are a band aid covering up other healthy issues associated with snoring.
They are a waste of money, I haven't had any positive feedback from customers and I don't recommend them to customers either.
You need to look into why you are snoring, large adenoids and tonsils, sleep apnea, asthma, hayfever or nasal congestion etc

Get tested for sleep apnea. It can be life changing & life saving. My husband was the worst snorer. He finally had a sleep test & he had one of the worst case of sleep apnea they'd seen. He would have had a short life if they didn't fix it. Snoring is no joke.