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Security system

Can anyone give any recommendations on a security camera system for inside and outside, as well as an alarm?

We're renting so it needs to be something that wont damage the walls.


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We use Arlo they’re great and have built in panic alarms

 How much and where do you get them frkm
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 She’s given you the name. Google will tell you who stocks it and the price.
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 We purchased from JB-Hi Fi about a year ago so prices will have changed. Starter pack (currently) which is 3 Cameras and Base ($1,099) Single Camera is $199. You can get elsewhere cheaper. They're wireless and easy to move, with long batter and record to phone and save for 7 days, can do longer for more and can pay to have monitored. Have used alarm on them it is manually set off but VERY loud and works well.
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 Thanks for the helpful advice ;) x
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