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Renting what are my rights in this situation??

Hi guys,
We are renting and the house we live in has been on the market past few months, we are excellent tenants, keep the place immaculate and are always paid in advance for rent.
The only problem I now have is that since the owners have changed real estate we are getting open house every single week, I don’t mind it every 2 weeks or so but every single Saturday for the past 2 months (expect 1) has been open house and I find it to be a huge invasion of privacy and just plain annoying. We pay a good amount t of rent to have live in peace and some kind of privacy but I feel that’s been taken away now. Should I say something or just keep the peace? Don’t want to get on bad terms with real estate 😢


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I had this happen at my last rental. I asked the real estate agent to only book in viewings for people interested - one family at a time instead of an open house. We ended up breaking our lease with no money lost after negiotating with the agent after a few fed up months of weekly inspections.

I moved valuables and paper id to a relatives home for these viewings as robberies are common for open houses and even rental insurance won't cover damages as you have invited them in under fine print.

Never leave keys around the house either and check doors and windows are locked after viewings as sometimes guest try to make it easier to break in at a later date/time.

Watch all personal forms and identity stuff like drivers licence as identity theft is another common risk of them. Always have a person with every guest when possible. If the real estate agent isn't watching guests request a new agent as a slack agent increases the risk of robbery.

I'd look into fees for early termination of your lease. Weigh it up against risk of theft vs time left in lease and decide.

 Thanks for your reply - I did email them and they’ve agreed to do it fortnightly now, our lease doesn’t have too much time left on it so luckily we don’t have to wait too long to move thank god!
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No answers other than call the rental tribunal and ask them. They will be able to tell you exactly what rights you have.

 Yes they will if they look up the act in Queensland
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I would call the rental tribunal and ask what they are allowed to do then speak to the real estate. They might think it's better to have an open house each weekend rather than set up 5 different inspection times over a week. Unless you tell them it is inconvenient they don't know. Are people coming through each time the have an open house? You might be able to agree on an open house each fortnight and inspections by appointment for anything in between or something else you feel would work

You really need to check your lease. They do have the right to have home opens but that does sound excessive and you have the right to the quiet enjoyment of your property.
I would send them an well worded, polite email expressing your concern. Make sure you keep a copy of it.

I have just checked the RTA for qld it says: An open house can only be held if the tenant agrees in writing.

Some tenants may agree to an open house to avoid multiple individual entries.

Photos used to market the property (e.g. on the ‘for sale/rent’ signs or the internet) should not show the tenant’s possession unless they agree in writing.

The link is:

It is for qld but I have found that it is much the same for everywhere.

 Thank you! I am in qld so that applies to me :)
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Google Top 3 Tennants rights. A number of things you should know.
“Open homes occur when a property is on the market. Whether it be for sale, or rent it allows prospective buyers/tenants to view the property during a specific advertised period. Tenants need to agree, in writing, in order for an open home to occur. Some tenants may agree to an open house to avoid multiple individual entries. Photos used to market the property (e.g. on the ‘for sale/rent’ signs or the internet) should not show the tenant’s possessions unless they agree in writing.If the tenant agrees to an open house, the property manager/owner should negotiate a suitable time. The property manager/owner should try to minimise any disruption to the tenant’s quiet enjoyment of the property.

Entry must be at a reasonable time and, unless the tenant agrees, must not be on:

Sundays or public holidays
any other day before 8am or after 6pm
The property manager/owner must also give the tenant an Entry notice (Form 9) giving at least 24 hours’ notice of the open house. A reasonable time must have passed before another open house can be held. For all other viewings, an entry notice must be given for each entry. Entry must be at a reasonable time and, unless the tenant agrees, must not be on Sundays or public holidays, or any other day before 8am or after 6pm.”

 Thank you so much... I always so stress each time people come through because I have a lot of valuables in my cupboards (mainly gold jewellery) and I want everything to look clean tidy but it gets hard and annoying when I work saturdays sundays! I think I will politely ask the real estate if they can possibly make inspections every second week. It would cause my family and kids a lot less stress and disruption trying to get out of the house on time thanks for the help!
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No they shouldn't be doing that without your permission. They can bring people through by appointment but even then they need to give you 24 hours notice. They are bringing strangers into your home, god knows who they are. Don't let them bully you, email them and say you no longer want open house inspections.

 Thank you I am emailing them now to request that :) hopefully we don’t get in the bad books because of it :( I try to keep a perfect record so we won’t have trouble renting again when the house sells
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