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Do you do Santa for you children? Or have you taken the “it’s a lie, and I am not going to lie to my kids” line?

Personally I think Santa is apart of Christmas magic and children should have that magic.

*Yes I know Christmas is all about family and it is better to give than to receive and to not go overboard from Santa so others don’t feel bad and all of that.


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My kids are teens and they still receive a stocking from Santa on Christmas morning🤣. They love their stocking gifts and even though they haven't believed in Santa for years they still get excited to tip out their stocking on the lounge room floor. I have no intention of stopping this tradition anytime soon.

 I do the same. No gifts under the tree from santa but all my mob get a stocking with little gifts/cash/lollies etc
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I only stopped Santa presents last year and my youngest is 15😂. I think the memories and excitement that comes from the whole magical idea of Santa completely overrides any kind of hurt a kid may feel about being "lied to".

On the other hand I have a child with severe anxiety and when he was 5 he completely freaked out at the thought of Santa or Easter Bunny coming anywhere near our house so I ended up telling him the truth and made him my special helper. So I do understand having to tell some kids the truth early but I don't believe in not celebrating Santa just because it's a lie. It's imagination at it's best.

 This is really helpful post x
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We don't do santa at our house - my parents didn't make a big deal of it growing up so it's what I'm used to. Christmas was still 100% thrilling and magical for me as a kid, and seems to be for our kids.

I don't think it's really scarring for kids to find out Santa's not real UNLESS the parents have taken it too far. E.g. keep on seriously insisting he's real when the kids old enough to guess the truth, make up very elaborate ploys or tricks to try and convince kids he IS real, make it into a kind of mind game where the kid's not sure whether you're telling the truth or not!

I lie to mine all the time! No, sorry, there is no chocolate in the house. Santa is real. Tooth fairy. Easter bunny.

We have Santa, EB, fairies. The worlds going to shit. Why not give them a little magic before the shit storm of capitalism turns them in to grease for the machine

My daughter is 17, I still put things from Santa under the tree and when her younger cousins ask what she got from Santa she plays along. This will be her last Christmas as an only child as we are expecting early next year so Santa presents will remain in place for a long time yet... nothing wrong with believing in magic! We even bought a ‘santa Key’ when she was younger... no chimney but we had the special key we hung on the outside door handle that only Santa could use with his magic, after he had left the gifts he would leave the key on the table. She loved it!

Is anyone actually scarred from being lied to about Santa? 🙄

 I’ve heard a few stories actually of people being really upset and confused that parents would lie to them, I think that was in the context of friends knowing and saying it wasn’t true and parents still adamant it was though.
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 My daughter was 12 when she discovered the Tooth Fairy was a lie. She was mostly hurt by The fact that when other kids said it was their mums, she used to defend me saying my mum never has change so it can't be her!
Then she asked about Santa, and was even more angry!
I honestly thought kids just found out thru other kids at school and went about their lives normally. I feel so bad that she really, really defended her belief by saying their was no way it could be me due to this reason, this reason and that reason.
I guess she's fine about it now though

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 Whenever anyone used to try and tell my son that Santa wasn't real he would say,"He has to be! No way Mum could buy all that stuff!" 😂. Result of being stingy all year so I can spend more at Christmas.
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 Is this a rhetorical question? 😊
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I’m 37 & mum and dad still give us siblings a sack of presents each year. They literally act as if we don’t know and still believe. You fear sibling is 33 😆

Our kids are 4 and 1.5. We will say 'oh there's Santa' if we see him at the shopping centre etc, but we don't hype it up. Might change once the eldest is in school. Santa visits the mother's group I go to, so I generally just use that as 'Santa's gift' if people ask what Santa gave the kids.

 Oh and I grew up getting presents from Santa, but don't have any clear memories about the presents I got or anything (my parents weren't the type to go overboard). I'm sure at the time it was exciting, but now I'm just like meh
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I definitely do Santa for my kids . It adds a bit of magic to the wonderful but short time of childhood. I hope I can create memories for them that they'll fondly remember once the magic wears off.
I'm not looking forward to when they stop believing

My oldest stop believing when he was about 8 but our now 13yo DD has never believed. I never really knew why

Full Santa mode over here. My kids are 4 and 2 so we still have a few years left to do the whole Santa thing. My 4 year old loves it, seeing his face light up when we do all the Santa activities is the best.

I think this year will be my last "santa year"
Youngest is 10 and he knows its not real but I will give it one last hurrah
Pretty happy about it too haha

I follow the family tradition of lying to my children about santa & i'm ok with that.