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60 minutes - Carol Matthey, do you think she killed her 4 babies?

I started out thinking she was innocent, and I dont rate 60 minutes too highly, (they can be very biased), but part way through I got a gut feeling she had done it. It was all her, what she said, how she said it, what she didnt say, her emotions, her tears started to seem fake/put on etc.


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She made my skin crawl.
She was much more emotional when talking about potentially going to prison than she was at all when speaking about her children's deaths.
The fire too? How are you the only adult in a home and have literally no explanation for a set fire, it's confirmed to be deliberately lit, not electrical.. sooo?????
Besides that, her entire family believe she is guilty.
If I lost 4 children to a mystery I'd either just neck myself, be in an institution or fully campaign to find the reason why, I'd be raising money to fly to medical conferences and beg experts for an explanation.
I just 100% don't believe her at all. Not an ounce.

As someone who knows this woman.
She is 100% guilty.

OP Her poor babies
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 Do go on???
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If I had to go on that programme alone then I 100% she did it and I'll see the good in anyone and believe them wholeheartedly, but even I think she's talking BS.

There's Carole shows next to no remorse when talking about her children and as others have said she seemed more upset at the prospect of going to jail.

Then the arrogant look on her face as she left court spoke volumes. That was not the look of relief, it's just being smug.

She also seemed emotionally detached from reality when looking at all the kids pictures she's all smiles. Even in the programme she has slightly wet eyes. At no point does she break down and she doesn't seem to care whether people think she is guilty.

Then she had a machine to check the child's breathing in which she didn't use because ' it would beep all the time' so it was faulty, right? Not being funny but if two of my children had passed away I'd be making damn sure that the one piece of equipment given, that may prevent this from happening again (or anything like it) was on wherever possible and if it was faulty that it be replaced immediately.

Then there's the fire which I honestly think she started with the intention of killing them all but for whatever reason decided against it...maybe she realised it would come back on her. It could work in her favour I guess if anyone ver accused her of all of the four, in that she had the perfect chance to kill them all when the fire broke out.

Such a shame you can't convict on assumption alone. Sorry I kinda got into this a bit too much xD

I think she did it. Her tears did not seem real and she just looked guilty throughout this episode. Maybe she was just uncomfortable if I have to give her the benefit of the doubt? But my gut says she did it. And the whole fire incident does not add up.

These cases are very complex. Often there is a history of child abuse (among the victltims but also the perpetrator, who may have been acting out her or his own earlier abuse). The trauma of child abuse creates dissociation, i.e. multiple personalities (alter egos). This woman may have done it, and yet in front of TV cameras she has no conscious recollection of the acts. As always, crucial facts have been withheld from us.

She definately killed her children, no shadow of a doubt look at her deminor, speaks a thousand words. Filthy disgusting POS!!!!!!!!!

She smiles at very inappropriate timers. Like when she is asked if she smothered each child in turn. Her eyes close or look down- but she also smiles ever so slightly . Creepy.

She suffocated them. My heart broke when they said the triple 000 operator could hear her three yr old whimpering whilst being suffocated.
The perfect crime because no evidence. A rational mind would be able to follow the argument that suffocation produces no evidence and that is the evidence, the absence of it.

 Usually suffocation does leave evidence that the forensic pathologist discovers. So it is very odd that with the 3 year old, nothing was found. But my impression was she did not behave as someone who had lost children. Its the most devastating experience any parent can go through. I would be completely destroyed if it had been me.
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She killed them it’s obvious reading her body language

She did do it ,she told how to ,she wanted the house keeper dead at the Stanhope pub Victoria .
She killed the housekeeper cat in a wheelie bin full of water and put the cat in a cage and drop it in the water filled wheelie bin,then she video it on her phone and used it scream as her ring tone,
She asked me to make cake to poison the housekeeper with ,she said if you add the juice from this plant it’s stops your breathing in and doesn’t show up in there body when they look.
At this point I did not know she had killed her kids till 3 weeks later .
She did it no normal person would know this.

 Jesus😳. Did you work with her? Crazy.
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 What the f**k
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Everyone was sure lindy chamberlain did it too...
Just saying.

She definitely killed them. She didn't cry or shed one tear until she talked about getting arrested. The only real tears she shed were for herself.

OMG I just heard about this case. Reading one of the poster's above saying they were associated with her and she bragged about killing a cat and video'd it and wanted to kill a this true or false???