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If your husband hasn't had sex with you in months, would you straight out think it was due to an affair?

What other reasons could there be other than affair


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Depression, illness, stress. I wouldn’t straight away think affair unless there were other signs.

It's have to be an affair or a gangrene dick in my husbands case. He is highly driven.

If your not having sex and it’s an issue why aren’t you talking about it? My hubby and I weren’t having sex much until I said that it should be fun and not this much work trying to have a satisfying sex life. We are in our 40s. Kids are older. We aren’t having anymore. Why not have sex just only for fun and pleasure? Opened the doors to communications, talk about fantasies and whatnot. We have a great sex life now.

 He just shuts it down and tells me it's unhealthy for a woman to want so much sex (so much as in any sex at all ever, it's been months and none). The defensiveness is what makes me think something else going on (like affair)
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In my case it was due to impotence.

 What’s impotence?
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 Google it
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We haven’t had sex in months but I know he watches a lot of porn.

 That must suck
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 I didn’t want to say this but hence why I’m having an affair.
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This has never happened to my husband so if it did I would think affair. You know him better than anyone else.

In my case, he was having an affair. And he would pick arguments with me constantly. And when we did have sex, he would go soft half way. How are other things in the marriage? He could also be depressed?

Fatigue, illness, stress, depression, low testosterone levels... the list could go on. Depends on a lot of other factors. If I was frequently initiating sex and constantly being turned down for months, then I’d probably consider that he might be having an affair among other things. but there’d need to be other signs.