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What is your biggest turn on with your partner?


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My husband has his faults like we all do. I love that he is the best dad and that he is patient and kind to us all. He doesn’t have close male friends Which bothered me at first but over the years when he tried to make friends they dropped him so he gave up. I put this down to he is a good man and he didn’t want any part of their cheating and boozing. We are not super successful because he while he works a demanding job he doesn’t overwork which means no big promotions but we get to see him more. Now my son is growing up to be a man they hang out a lot, which I love.

Everything but if I had to choose it's the fact that he's built like a brick shithouse. I love a strong man

His patience and that he doesn't use emotional manipulation.

When he uses his dad voice to make the kids behave when I'm ready to lose my shit at them. So hot 😍. Other than that I would have to say how strong he is. He really doesn't look it as he is not physically muscular, but I got up over 100kg their for a bit and he could still pick me up and throw me over his shoulder with ease. Thank God I have lost that, now he carries me around like I'm nothing 😂