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How do I make my man excited in the bedroom


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Show up?

 That’s what works in my household! 👌
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If these tips fail and he's still not into it, consider his health. Is he happy with his weight? body image? Is he getting enough sleep and eating properly? Is he getting any exercise? All those things can impact on his testosterone and general sex drive.

Bring a girl friend with you

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Tease him during the day. Sext him. Send some naughty pics to what you feel comfortable doing.

Play with his bum

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 Yes bumhole. Slip a finger in, lick it, rub it etc. Make sure your nails aren't too long or sharp tho. Starting by giving him head, move onto sucking his balls, start moving your tongue lower and lower, gauge his reaction. 99% of men LOVE it.
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 The thought of Licking it gives me a bit of an ick factor
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 I love having my bum licked. I make sure I am squeaky clean from the shower and my man licks my bum and fingers me to the most amazing orgasms time and time again. I am happy to reciprocate as he has come from the same squeaky clean shower and it is who can out tongue the other.
Just a fantastic feeling and my man plays me like a fine-tuned instrument

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Go down and suck his c**k and do it like you mean it