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Tax return and centrelink

have you done a tax return and receiving top up from centrelink ? How long after your tax return was finished did they balance payments?. I'm desperate to get my car fixed and had to do a tax return even tho I didn't receive any income thus year.


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Two weeks

 Yeah this is about right
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I went in to centrelink last year and notified them I was a non lodger. She punched in a few numbers, told me then and there how much my top up was and when it would be paid. I had the money within the week

OP I had to lodge because I had an abn
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I completed my tax return last wednesday. Notification from Centrelink today my FTB balance will be paid later this week.

I told clk I didn't need to lodge a tax return (online) on the 1st of July and the top up was in my account on the 8th

Not long at all. If you had no income, aren't you a non lodger?

OP No because I had an abn
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 Fair enough. Once you've given them what they want, they move pretty quickly 👍
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