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Any ideas for an 18th birthday party?

My daughter turns 18 in the first week of January. She wanted a big family party but everyone is either away on holidays or have plans already. How do I make it special when there will only be grandparents there? It’s always been hard to organise a party for her as it’s the holiday season but I really wanted something special for her. She will be going out with her three best friends later in the month but she’s upset that family can’t make it to her special day.


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I know it may sound lame, but what about going for High tea or lunch with grandpa and grandma.. something a bit different a bit nice.

 That’s lame
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 Not lame. Exactly what my sister did for my 18th, I loved it.
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For my 21st a had a list of things that I wanted to do and my mum and I spent the weekend away doing them. It was very special to spend that time with my mum. I had adventure based stuff and we spent the weekend in queenstown nz but you could have a pamper weekend in the city or whatever your daughter is into.

Is there any special memories she has with her grandparents or places she went with them? And woth you of course.

Such as grandma always baked cookies with her... get them to do it
A special park they took her too.... have a picnic morning tea there
Special card or baord games they played... get them out
Get the drift???
Have a trip down memory lane Day and do all the things that meant to such to your daughter over the past 18 years.

 Lovey, thankyou.
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I have a January baby and I get your pain, I like the idea of celebrating in February and there is nothing wrong with that. As for the day itself what activity does she like that you could do together? Id make a huge day of it, a big buffet breakfast with champs, a lovely dinner with her grandparents, etc

 Thankyou. She really wants her birthday on her birthday, not a month later. I’ll do what you suggested and have an action packed day to spoil her.
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Is there an option to have a family do later on in the month too?
I don’t know how an 18th birthday could be made special with only grandparents...lovely I’m sure but maybe wont have the fun factor like an 18yo would be expecting. Even a February party would be acceptable just send out “save the date” messages from now.

 A dinner with family plus friends?
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 Sorry I thought I was making my own comment not replying to yours 😂
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