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What makes groups of woman bitchy?

School mums, netball mums, etc. Why do we not welcome other women into our worlds with love? Why the hostility?


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Because for some reason women feel the need to compete with each other and try to gain the majority of the attention.

Each one is fighting to be top dog. They’re all dogs. Mean nasty ones.

It’s not just women. Groups of men can be just as bad. It seems to be human nature. Established groups of people become cliquey and exclusive and unwelcoming. I once joined a playgroup with a friend and 3 members left because we were the first new members for months and they didn’t like the newbies crashing their party 🙄.

Also with close friend groups you can have nasty too. It’s human nature. And why I only have a couple of friends. Can’t be bothered with it.

Because I'm crippling shy and have low self esteem. I always feel like people think I'm not good enough.

 I’m the same. I look for the lonely mums standing by themselves. I stand near by until I build up the courage to say hi. I make sure to stay away from bitchy mums so others don’t think I’m one of them.
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