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Any teachers here

I am being organised and looking for ideas for teachers. My daughter has two teachers (job share)
One in her late 50's and the other in her mid 30's
I dont want ti get tacky gifts! I would like to get them something they will use or need in class etc
Any ideas?


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Coffee vouchers - this is my go to gift.

 We teachers do tend to drink a lot of coffee. Not all but most do at my school.
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My son is finishing preschool this year. His teachers have been jus so amazing and we have been through a lot with them over the 2 years including a autism diagnosis. I'm going to get a little glass magnet made for each of them with a blue heart with a puzzle piece taken out (autism symbol) and my sons short name in running writing just as a little keepsake for them to remember my son and also recognises the amazing work they do with all autism children that go through the preschool. I'll be writing a note to go with them as well.

 This would be awesome. I remember the kids I put the hard work in with the most. A little personal token would be lovely.
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You would need to think about the persons personality and ask your child what they know about their teacher. Everybody likes different things. Just having this much thought put into it will be appreciated.

Stationary is always useful, but make the card special, take the time to think about the year your child has had and tell the teacher what a difference they have made, try to give an example (EG thank you for encouraging little johnny to read more, I've noticed he enjoys it more and his vocabulary has improved too).
I'd say wine, but i don't drink

I was chatting to my daughters teacher a while back and she mentioned that last year she got a bottle of wine at the end of last year and took it straight home and drank it!!
This year will be her last working year, she is retiring unfortunately but I'll probably grab her wine and some cheeses, I guess it is something I have picked up in conversation, like how we both love blue cheese and we think it is great that no one else does, more for us!

Last year I asked this exact same question. I bought my son's teachers some stickers from Teachers Bazaar. Also some stationary, and a personalised Xmas decoration. I put it all in gift bags with a couple of chocs thrown in. I'm doing the same thing this year for his teachers, although I'm not yet sure I'll bother with the Xmas decorations.