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What was the first thing you said after giving birth for the first time?


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"We aren't doing this again, we will get another cat." I am currently 5 months pregnant and we did get another cat.

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Are you sure it's a boy?
Then when I was getting stitches my partner did the old "can you put a few extras in there while youre at it?" To which i straight away said "what? You too small?" The nurses just laughed and sent him outside with the baby for a bit.

 Bahaha i wish i had that comeback when my husband said "Can you throw a couple of extra stiches in so its better then before"
The midwives glared at him considering i was lucky to be alive after a 3ltr post partum hemorrhage.

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 There are guys actually dumb enough to say that?!?? My god lol
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 Omg what tools! I can't believe men say things like that after their wives birthed their child! My husband was all praise and love!
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"I could do that again!". Nurse and hubby were like "ease up tiger!"

 I said almost the same thing! I said to my partner I'm not done we will be having another. I am now 38wks with no.2
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(High as anything on gas) "What the f**k?? Where did that come from???"

I need a shower (do high on gas) didn't even ask where my son was lol

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 Haha me too lol
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1st baby- where's my baby??? Give me my baby!!! Wow he looks like a frog!
2nd baby- are you sure he's mine? That was too easy.
3rd baby- red hair??? Bahahahahaha! Honey he's a ranga!

 My response was: ' oh thank god she's not a ranga'. Both our mums we're red heads and I was particularly out of it
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 I had a C-sect under general and when I came to that was my second question lol red hair?
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Me- Oh it's a baby !
Midwife- Yes. It's YOUR baby.
Me- Oh that's okay then.

To hubby: "Oh my god she looks like your mother!" Hahaha she's nine now and I still feel bad about that!

"Is he still a boy?" Followed by "at least he isn't ugly!" Hahaha.

I can't do this, I was referring to pushing him out but it didn't know he was already out and the nurse was just helping get his legs out lol.

Never again! (Considering a 3rd now lol)

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I can't remember to be honest! I know I didn't ask what the sex was straight away

 Me either, the nurse said to have a look ang had to say it more than once. Then my hubby wanted me to confirm his name as my mum was there and we hadn't told anyone. Then everyone realised I was bleeding out so the room filled with people.
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I said 'I love you' to my husband.

 I did too after baby number 5
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"Okay 7:38am, I can probably still make it into work on time if I get in the shower right now!" (I was in a little shock and my son was 3 weeks 1 day early)