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What was the first thing you said after giving birth for the first time?


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First baby I said happy birthday Seth!!
Second baby was thank god that's over, OMG he looks just like Seth, and they are the biggest set to balls I have ever seen lol

i cant do this i cant do this!!!!! (screaming at top of lungs whist 1st bub comes out) nurse passes me my first nb, me- "oh hello sweety i love u."- in a calm sweet voice. haha. my hubby was like wow that was a quick transition...

OMG his huge followed by eww (because of the blood on him that then ended up on my face neck and chest) I can't wait to have another I love the first hour!!!

 My first few photos I look like an extra from The Walking Dead with blood smeared on my chin and cheek from his head.
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Omg how beautiful is she, she would like a brother or sister to play with !!! Nurse said slow down girl !!! You just had a baby, but that's a first she said. What's a first??? Someone just having a baby and planning another. Sorry ladies I enjoy labour !!! ( don't no why )

First - Is she ok? She had the cord around her neck
Second - Told you it was a boy... It was a girl!

“ I told you she was about to fall out” after the midwives insisted I had at least 8 hours to go and told me I just needed the toilet. Gave birth in the toilet 2 minutes later.

My first - 'can I sleep now' ... 5 days of contractions and labouring through sleeping pills the hospital gave me 'to get some rest'!! ..
my second - after a very dramatic emergency forceps delivery when my daughters heart stopped - to my partner .. 'you go with her no matter where she goes... I'll be fine...' ..

 Aw that’s so beautiful you said that to him.
Mummas love 💕

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"I'm sorry about your carpet"

3 weeks ago I gave birth to my daughter at my neighbor's house. I was worried about his carpet being stained. Her twin brother was born an hour later via C-section. At the hospital

"I want your job!" (Speaking to the wonderful midwives who looked after me)
10yrs later, I'm a qualified midwife! 😁

Lol I said.... Are you sure it's a girl?. We didn't know what we were having, surprise girl number 2 :)

Oh god what are you two crying for - this was aimed at my mother and sister who went through labour with me