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Changing from maiden name

Did anyone else find the process of changing your name after getting married especially painful. I did on most of my things except bank accounts- they want you print things out complete & then to find jp etc anyways I decided not to bother. Did anyone else do this? Did it become a problem later on? We're thinking about buying a house i'm wondering if it might be become an issue. I've also wondered if it might have been the smarter choice if later on there are marriage problems could he get my money?


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Nah, it was super easy for me. Went in to change my license first, then because I had the photo ID, everything else was easy

 I second this. Same.
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 Me too. Didn't have to fill anything out just showed drivers licence and marriage certificate.
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I never bothered to change it on my bank accounts. Never caused me a single problem until recently (10+ years later) when we were refinancing our loans, had to fill out a form & physically go in to show my marriage certificate. Not difficult but just another annoying errand to run & no fun especially with a toddler in tow. I say only do it if you absolutely have to.

Legally you can use both names.

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I kept my maiden name for our joint bank account. It didn’t have too much of an effect on my day to day life but I had to remember to sign my maiden name.

I did all the important bits but the rest with the jp and copy and fill out and blah blah I left. I’m busy I don’t have bloody time

 I know right...glad I'm not the only one
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I'm thinking if your name is Jane Smith (and your ID says this) and all of your bank accounts are in the name of Jane Johnson it could very easily turn into a tricky situation. Call your local library or MP and ask when a JP is available. Also whether or not you have the same surname won't make a difference regarding what you are both entitled to in a relationship breakdown. Married is married, same name or not.

 You can so a very quick search for a JP in your local area. Most shopping centres have them now too. If you are in qld this is the link - I'm sure there would be similar sites for the other States and territories.
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 Legally jane smith and jane johnson are the same person
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I didn't bother but eventually i had to because I needed a security clearance at work. So 6 years later i ended up having to do it anyway. Im pretty sure your name has no bearing in terms of divorce settlements

I changed my name on everything. Not really a big deal. Just make a list of all the places you want to change your name, get certified copies of your marriage certificate and find out what is required for each place. If you want to do it, I say it’s not a drama.

It took me about 2yrs to change almost everything except the electoral roll. Weve been married 10yrs now and I finally changed it before last week's election