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Teeth whitening

The trend for white teeth is making me feel like I have to get mine whitened too. Is there any tried and tested cheaper options than going with the dentist and would love to know some costs involved plus pros and cons in your experience? Thanks


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I know you mentioned options not involving the dentist, however just thought I’d mention that my dentist offers a take home whitening option. Depending on your budget it may be worth talking to your dentist to see if they offer something similar. It’s much cheaper than a traditional in-chair whitening procedure.

As I’m sure you’ve seen the supermarket offers lots of whitening toothpastes, but in my experience they don’t really do that much, but for a few dollars it doesn’t hurt to try.

Are you due for a clean? When they clean your teeth they will often remove staining which can make the teeth look better overall too.

I've tried the cheapy options and none worked. I am going to smile labs for a one hour session on a Monday because it's half price $125 and they have good reviews. I can let you know how I go but it isnt Until october

 following as would like to also know how you went
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 Yes if you don’t mind reporting back afterward, and also what dental group as it may be the same in major cities / or something similar
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I use charcoal toothpaste. It doesn’t taste the best but it works for me. My hubby uses the white glo white accelerator blue light kit. It seems to be working too