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How old were your kids before you let them use bike lanes on the road by themselves?

I have 3 kids. 2 on bikes and a toddler in a pram. I walk the footpath and the kids ride on the footpath. At what age do I let them ride on the road in the bike lane? I just feel it's too dangerous.


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Lol I don't even use them as an adult if there is a foot path!!
I tell my 12 year old he must use the footpath and if I catch him on the road his privilidge of being trusted to ride where he wants to go (basically his freedom) will be shut down.
Iv got friends who are cyclists and 3/7 have been hit by cars and 2 nearly died. All the others have had near misses or minor incidents

OP That's scary! Hope your friends are OK now.
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I actually thought by law over a certain age it was illegal to ride on the footpath (16 ?). But again I’m not certain of this so something to check

 Could well be but it would be a discretion thing for sure
Like if it's not a high traffic footpath i doubt a copper is going to bother

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Answered by OP

Thanks everyone. Safe to say they won't be using them anytime soon!

In NSW it is 16 but i have kids older than that and still ride on the foot path.

I'm an adult and I hate using the bike lanes. I'm scared a car will run me over.

Not sure but there may be laws on ages to be in the bike lane?

OP So far I haven't found any laws/rules :/

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