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What is your proudest accomplishment?


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My business.
It’s a job I love, makes me a lot of money (ALOT I earn more per hour than some doctors) . Choose my own hours and work part time. I give a great cheap service (almost half the price of everywhere else) it injects myself into my community.
It supports our family and lifestyle and I’m very very good at what I do.

I’m pretty proud of myself. And I started it pregnant with my 2nd and breast fed all my kids for 2 years through it all.
Some parts were really hard but we are loving the good life now with my 3rd going to kindy this year.

And it was all the hard work over the years.

 Awesome babe.......Now I'm curious 😂
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 That’s incredible!!!!
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 But would also love to know what it is 😜
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Starting uni pregnant finishing with a two year old and getting the dream job

 That's amazing babe x
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Getting married at 16 and celebrating 20 years today

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 Congrats! It's my anniversary as well! We've been married so long we both forgot!! (Oops). MIL had to remind us.
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Owning my own home by 23

 That's incredible 👍
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 Thank you 🙏
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Without all the mushy stuff, my greatest is paying for my $34,000 car in cash. No loans- nothing!! I was so proud haha.

 Nice. What did you get?
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 I got a second hand Hyundai Sante Fe highlander.
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 ^^bloody good choice. Congrats lovely lady 🥰
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Single mum IVF at 40

 I'm not much of a traveller but I love hearing people's stories. Are you a new mum?
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Home owner by 29

 Well done. 💜
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Probably choosing the right person at the age of 18, it has resulted in an amazing & very happy life.

Having sex when I was ovulating and got pregnant

 Good job 😘🥰
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